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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


17. "my buzz is officially killed"

Riley's POV You know those moments when your in a room with someone and no one is talking. All both of you are doing is staring at the wall, well that's how it is in the car right now. Ryder is staring straight ahead at the road. He has a blank expression on his face and his jaw would tick every couple of seconds. It was actually kinda hot. Ok movin on. I on the other hands is literally staring at everything in the car but him. I probably looked like a baby seeing the world for the first time with how I was looking at everything just to avoid looking at Ryder. Since he practically dragged me out of his house Ryder haven't spoken a word. He didn't say anything but I could just feel that he didn't want to talk about it. It was like an unspoken agreement between the two of us. Ryder had been driving around for the past ten minutes. We came up to a red light and he stop. He finally turned and look straight at me. I could tell he was upset just looking into his icy blue eyes. I didn't mention anything though , since he looked like he didn't want to talk about it. "So where are we going?" Ryder said then clear his throat. He was looking at me while arching his perfect eyebrows that were way better than mine. I bet he does them. "Um well I kinda don't wanna go home since I positive my cousin is still there. So maybe we can go to the park or something" I said hesitantly hoping he would agree. I defiantly didn't want to see my bitchy cousins face or else I might wanna go all mortal kombat on her face. "Ok sure" Ryder said shrugging them turning into the next exit on the highway. I didn't even notice we weren't still at the stop light. "Wait,wait,wait!" I screamed throwing my hands up in a stopping motion. I just realized I couldn't leave my brothers with the wicked bitch of the west. "What,what!" Ryder yelled in the same loud frantic voice I spoke in. "We just need to make a teeny tiny pit stop" I said holding up my hands to show how small it would be. *** "Just gimme a second while I go get something ok" I said running off towards my house. I burst though the door like I own the place. Which I kinda do. We were renting the place after all. Everyone in the room tuned to look at me. Everyone including Victoria. She just rolled her eyes at my entrance and continue texting. Please I bet she was just typing in notes to make it look like she actually got people that want to text her. My mom turned her head to me with a smile that I knew was defiantly fake. "Riley sweetheart why don't you go see what your brothers are up to" mom said while grinding her teeth. "Ok" I said skipping away. In the back ground I heard my aunt said something is defiantly wrong with that girl. Well than rude! Now I see where Victoria get it from. I walked down the small white painted hallway that led to my brothers and I room. The room was actually pretty big,but when you cramp a bonk bed and another bed with a dresser it looks pretty small. The best part Of the room was the fire escape. We would alway sneak out there when we have visitors over. What can I say we're a bunch antisocial kids. Like I expected I found Jake and Jack sitting on the fire escape talking in a hash whisper. The conversation looked pretty intense so of course I had to interrupt them. Sisterly love right here. "I'm coming out you better hide your porno magazines" I shouted as I stepped out the window onto the fire escape. "Riley it's 2015 no one uses porno magazines. It's all on the internet now a days" Jack said and Jake high fives him while laughing. "Oh someone's feeling extra spicy today" I said sitting down next to the boys on the now cramped fire escape. "You know it" Jack said popping his imaginary collar. "Ok clam down there you little gangster" Jake said putting on hands on hacks shoulder as a way of claiming him down. "So on to the important stuff in life. Who was that boy that you left with young lady" Jake said crossing his arms across his chest. "It's not what you think dad" I said putting enfasist on the word dad. "Well I'm gonna have to have a serious talk with thy boy" he said still trying to be my father. "Well you can very soon. That boy whose name is Ryder is outside right now waiting for me to get you and take you away from the evil clutches of our cousin" I said standing up. "Finally I thought you left us here to suffer" Jack said jumping up. "To the car we go!" I said pointing towards the door and running out the room. The boys and I walked into the living trying to think of a lie to tell our parents on why we are leaving. We are a clan of liars in this house. "So mommy can we go to the park with our dear sister Riley" Jake said while blinking his big doe eyes trying to look innocent. "Jake stop trying to act cute" mom said while smiling. "God ma why you gotta ruin my buzz" "Your not even drinking how are you buzz" Jack said. "Whatever so can we plwease go to the park" I said pouting. "Sure" "But take your cousin with you" dad said interjecting into the conversation. "God dad! Why you gotta ruin my buzz" I whined. "But you weren't even drinking" Jake said in a mocking tone. "Build a bridge and get over Jake" I said rolling my eyes at him. "But dad she probably doesn't even want to come right Victoria" I said looking at her sending her a look to say she doesn't want to come. "That's such a good idea uncle!" Victoria screeched. "Fine lets go" I said in a dead tone. That's it my buzz is officially killed. ______________________________________________________ A/N: ok so I know I haven't updated in a while but I haven't forgotten about this story. I've just been reallyyyyy busy with school. I didn't even edit this chapter cause wattpad is just acting really annoying and I just can't so I have to post This from my phone. And this chapter is dedicated to my little sister. without her I wouldn't even have a name for this story. she was there when I first thought of Ryder and Riley meeting for the first time. @ZARCASM aka my number one hater aka my lil sis is the best sister ever!!!!!! Every cover I've gotten was founded by her. she would stalk people on twitter and beg them to make me a cover. and you should know how hard that is since I'm VERY hard to please. She even got me my first ever trailer. (she was begging me to write how awesome she is) VOTE,COMMENT,FOLLOW:) -c
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