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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


12. "Mia was the scary monster under his bed"

Ryder's POV

"Jason Matthew Walker you better clam the fuck down before I punch you in the face" I yelled at Jason after seeing him freak out for the past ten minutes. I told the boy about his date with Mia and all he could do is worry. Not a thank you, not a Ryder you’re the best friend on the planet. Not a Ryder you look hot today. No. Nothing.

After I told Jason about my so called date with Riley he was so happy and excited for me. He couldn't stop talking about how he was right. That I liked Riley all this time. But the second the words double date slipped out my mouth he went head first into panic mode. Jason face became red as a firetruck. His pale skin flared up because of his constant panicking, but I know some of that red is him blushing at the idea of a date with Mia.

"Ryder what the hell were you thinking! I can't go on a date with Mia Angels!" Jason screamed out as if Mia was the scary monster under his bed.

"And why not?" I asked in a casual tone.

"Because..." His voice trailed off in the end.

"You see! There is no valid reason for you not to go out on a date with Mia. You are practically in love with the girl" I said

"No I'm not! “Jason said as a blush sneaked up on his face ruining any chance he had at hiding his feelings about Mia from me. But come on I'm his best friend, he should know by now he can't hide anything from me.

"You know denials not only a river in Egypt" I said the first thing that came to mind which was also the corniest thing.

"That's so corny" Jason said voicing my thoughts.

"I know. Ok so the date is this Friday which is tomorrow so being ready. I'm going to go don't freak too much while I'm gone" I said throwing up a peace sign as I walked out the front door.

On the drive home from Jason's house all I could think of was Riley. She seems to be on my mind a lot lately. I just can't figure out why. I wonder what she thinks of going on a date with me. She probably is just hoping for it to be over the moment it starts. I know for sure that I'm nervous as fuck. Even forming a sense able sentence around her is hard. Her golden hair, bright hazel eyes and oh god that once a blue moon smile just leaves me speechless.


"Ryder what is supposed to wear?" Jason screamed into the phone the second I got home from school.

"You know your sounding more like a girl every second" I said in a clam voice walking towards the most important room in the house... The kitchen.

"Shut the fuck up Ryder I'm having a crises right now" Jason practically growled into the phone.

"Don't tell me next your gonna say you have nothing to wear" I said laughing into the phone. My boisterous laugh filled the silent house reminding me of how alone I truly am.

"I'm hanging up now you dick" Jason said probably fed up with my constant mocking of him.

"No no no don't hang up I can't let you go on this date without prepping. I'm coming over." I said thinking of one of those montages in those chick flicks Jason little sister make us watch every time I'm over at his house. No one can resist the adorable 11 year. And when she starts holding her breath till she gets what she wants there's no going back.


"No you’re going on a date not vacating in Hawaii" I said tossing the bright flower printed shirt on the floor. I never noticed half the shit Jason had in his closet.

"Are you done Critzing everything I own?" Jason asked as he lay on his bed watching me trash his cloths.

"Not yet"

"Whatever just find something and let's get this over with" Jason said falling back on his bed like watching me throw away his cloths is the most tiring thing in the world.

"Listen here kid, stop talking like that. This is the big date you have been waiting for. So get your ass in the shower and when you come out your fairy godfather will have the perfect ball gown ready for you" I said pushing Jason into the bathroom connected to his room.

While Jason was in the shower I began picking out his outfit. I feel like such a girl right now, picking out my best friend's outfit for his date. I would have never expected for it be this hard. So I had to call in the experts. Skylar Jason's little sister.

"Ok Ry-Ry let's get to work" Skylar said using her nickname for me while dragging me towards the closet.

"So what do you think we should do sky? “I said.

"Okay so we need something that actually makes him look cute and considering he's Jason that's going to be hard" she said and I immediately started laughing. Sky was like a little sister to me, considering I don't have any siblings of my own.

After a twenty minute shower Jason finally came out of the shower in just a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Sky what are oh doing in here!" Jason yelled covering his chest like he had boobs to cover or something.

"Clam down big brother we're related. And it's not like there is anything I want to see anyway" sky said laughing and me joining in.

"Do you see the way she talks to me?" Jason said.

"Whatever just try on those cloths we laid out on the bed and come down when you’re ready" I said leafing sky up in my shoulder and walking out the room.


Sky has been forcing me into playing Prince and princess with her for the pass fifteen minutes. Then Jason finally walked down the stairs in his nice grey button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. Sky thought the shirt would go perfect with black jeans and converse for a perfect casual date worthy outfit.

"Jason you don't look that ugly for once" skylark said jumping up from the floor.

"I know I look hot" Jason said popping his collar trying to act cool.

"Don't push" I said.

"Now go back up those stairs and let me play a song and walk back down so you can have your first date moment like in the movies" sky said pushing Jason back up the stairs.

Jason walked back down the stairs while sky and I acted like proud parents taking pictures and everything.

"Let's do this" I said as I pushed the doorbell to Riley's house.

A/N: this date chapter just doesn't seem like it wants to be written. But next chapter for sure is the date. I just wanted to write a chapter where it shows the guy freaking out before the date. It’s always the girl worry let's see how the guy acts for once.



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