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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


13. "Jason over there was trying to get some dessert before dinner"

Riley's POV

"Let's do this" I said as I opened the doors of my house to see Ryder and Jason standing at my doorstep. A bolt of lightning flashed behind them as they stood there. Mhm looks like it's gonna rain.

When I looked at Ryder my breath got caught in my throat at the sight of him. I'm not usually the type of girl that cares about looks. Yeah a cute guy is awesome but it's not big deal in my eyes. But there he stood with his perfectly messy hair thrown carelessly on his head and ocean blue eyes that always seem to stare right into my soul. The light blue shirt he wore went perfectly with his eyes making them seem bluer than ever. I felt practically naked just standing there looking at him while he looked at me. We were so focused on each other we missed the sight going on just next to us. Both Mia and Jason's cheeks were tinted red just looking at each other.

"Hi" I breathed out finally after a couple of minutes of everyone staring at their designated dates.

"Hey" Ryder said back. No one said anything after that. The two love birds next to us were too busy ogling at each other.

"So um let's go yea" Ryder said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Yea" I said as everyone started walking towards Ryder's car.

As we walked to the car a slight drizzle of rain felt on my cheeks. I choose to ignore it, knowing it's probably nothing too serious. Big mistake


"Oh shit I forgot my wallet at home!" Ryder said five minutes after we got in the car. He better not be one of those freeloader dates that expect me to pay for his dinner.

"Are you serious man?" Jason said clearly annoyed.

"Hey it's not my fault, I was too busy helping you get ready for your precious date" Ryder said smirking at Jason. Jason cheeks flushed red at Ryder's words. I looked at Mia to see her also blushing. Ugh the cuteness in this car I just can't handle it.

"Shut up" Jason mutter.

"Guys we're gonna have to take a quick pit stop to my house" Ryder said holding up his fingers to show how tiny of a pit stop it'll be.

"Just hurry up so we can get this over with" I said quietly to him so the two love birds in the back couldn't hear me. They couldn't know that this whole thing was a set up.

After a ten minute drive we arrived at Ryder's enormous mansion. Like four of my apartment could fit on just one floor. I was speechless at the sight in from of me.

"Just give me two minutes" Ryder said my waiting for an answer as he ran into his house.

After ten long minutes of waiting for that annoying little man child he finally came out his house biting into a cupcake. He just casually strolled up to car like he didn't just make us wait in the car for ten minutes which felt like an eternity.

"What took you so long?" I yelled. He just lifted the cupcake into the air. I was so mad I slapped the cupcake out of his hand onto his lap.

"Riley you are in so much trouble" he growled out at me. I follow my first instincts which were to run. I threw open the doors of the car and ran towards his house. Ryder was hot on my tail as I ran straight into his house. Thank god for the door being open. Once I was in the living room area Ryder came out of nowhere tackling me down on the soft sofa. I fell with a loud groan escaping my lips. With him hovering over me I got a Chace to see his beautiful face up close. And it was even more beautiful. Ryder stared down at with an unknown look in his eyes. It looked like even he was unaware of the look he was sending me.

"Whoa kids keep it pg. 13, this is only the first date" Jason shouted as he enters the room with Mia next to him. Immediately Ryder jumped off of me and on to another chair all the way across the room. Well then it's not like I have Ebola.

"It wasn't like that" Ryder said his cheeks turning red. It’s the first time I've seen him blush since all the years I've known him. It was cute to see him all shy and nervous. He almost looked vulnerable.

A loud thunder shook us all out of the silent that took over the room. Mia heads clutched in a Jason's in fright. She’s always been the one afraid of thunder and lighting. On the TV it showed storm watch telling everyone to stay indoors if possible.

"Well there's goes our date" Ryder said jumping off the couch and into the kitchen. Damn this boy could eat.

"Yea and I was really looking forward to going out with you" I said sacristy.

"I know you were babe. But don't worry we can go out another time or you know just stay indoors" he said and winked at me. Ugh I just wanna poke him in those baby blues.

"Why don't we just stay here and watch a movie or something?" Mia said trying to be the optimist she is. Just as she said that the entire house went dark in a blink of an eye.

"Well poo" Mia said. I could almost sense her pouting.

"Wait I think we have some candles" Ryder said dashing off in some unknown direction of the house. I couldn't see him but I could hear him.

A couple minutes later Ryder came back with a hand full of candles and what looks like board games under his arms.

"Ooh I love monopoly" Mia squealed as she spotted the game as Ryder set it down on the coffee table.

"Yea that's because you always win" I said in a bored tone.

"Come on twinks let's go get some food" Ryder said grabbing my hand and dragging me into a dark corner of the house. The only thing I could see was the glow of the candle he held to lead the way towards what I'm guessing is the kitchen.

"So how do you think the date is going so far?" Ryder asked as he took out a bag of Chips from the pantry.

"Well with you forgetting your wallet, then the rain and now the power is out I would say it's going just peachy" I said with sarcasm.

"Ha-ha" Ryder laughed passing me the Ice cream. I just looked at him like he's crazy. Once again how could this kid eat so much?

"What it's going to melt anyway"

"Come let's go play some monopoly, I'm ready to kick your ass" I said like a little kid.

"Yea and what if I beat your cute little ass" Ryder said walking closer towards me.

"What makes you think you can beat me?" I said confidently not moving back as he moved closer.

"Oh twinks I know I can beat you" Ryder said leaning his whole body over mines backing me up against the kitchen counter.

"We'll see about that" I said slipping pass him and towards the living room.

When I entered the living room Mia and Jason were sitting close on the couch with Jason leaning in towards Mia. They were about to kiss that is until Ryder interrupted like the ass he is.

"Hey kids what's going on in here" he said walking towards them.

"N-nothing" Jason stuttered his cheeks turning red along with Mia's.

“Well to me it looked like Jason over there was trying to get some dessert before dinner" Ryder said embarrassing the two more.

"Stop taughting the kids and let's play some monopoly"

"I call the car!" Ryder yelled pushing me out the way towards the game set up on the floor.

"Oh it's on" I said.

"It's been on" Ryder said.

A/N: finally the date chapter. It was not that hard to write. Weird. I just got a fake baby for my health class and I think the baby inspired me or something. but now it's just so annoying I wanna throw out the window.

AND ZAYN LEFT ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!! i never liked him.

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