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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


4. "Im sassier than a four year old in a beauty pageant"

Ryder's POV

Riley Hart. 5.8, pretty, brunette. That's all I knew about the girl sitting in front of me right now.

When I walked in the police station that Friday night the first thing my eyes went to was the familiar beauty sitting in the far corner of the room. She was there sitting in the hard plastic chair looking like she was in her own world. She had that faraway look on her face that I knew all too well.

Some part of me just had to talk to her. One second I was standing in the doorway and the next my foot was taking towards her. It's like I had no control of my body the second I saw her.

It's not like I never saw the girl. Riley and I have been going to the same school as long as I can remember. She was probably one of the only constant thing in my life even though I never even spoken a word to her. Oh wait we did speck once in freshmen year when I picked up her pencil and she said thanks. So weird that I remembered that.

Now standing in front of me was an angry looking Riley that looked like she wanted to bite my head off for looking at her long tone sexy legs but I'm a guy and I can't help myself. It's not my fault she had it all on show in those short shorts. I dint realize the words coming out of my mouth until they were in the air.

"No needs to scream doll I can make you do plenty of that in bed later" I said like the little pervert I am.

"and I can call you whatever I want babe". I couldn't stop myself from saying things that would piss her off. It was so funny seeing little riley all riled up. Ha-ha funny Riley riled up. No ok then.

"you little horn dog I was yelling to defend myself against assholes like you" Riley yelled shocking me with her language. I thought preachers daughter aren't supposed to curse.

Riley cut me off by yelling daddy. I was about to say another pervy thing about her calling me daddy put I was rudely pushed out the way by riley as she jumped in the arms of my arch nemis Robert hart. Ohhhhh now I see it Robert Hart Riley Hart. For a math genus I can be pretty stupid sometimes. How could I not see it before the same hazel eyes the same weirdly perfectly arch eyebrows?

I was drawn out pf my thought by Robert "Prince what are you doing talking to my daughter?"

"well Robert where you been hiding this little gem' I said just because I like getting in trouble and what worse than hitting on a girl in front of her father hitting on a girl in front of her father who has a gun.

"Don't even think of messing with my daughter Prince I can have your arrogant little ass locked up father faster than you can say daddy. Tour daddy's money won't get you out of trouble this time" he said in a tone him and my father have used some many time before it doesn't faze me anymore.

Robert grabbed me by the cuffs on my arms and dragged me away from his little princess. I took one last look at Riley knowing this wouldn't be the last time I will be seeing her. I'll make sure of it.


Finally the first day of school. Most kids would dred hearing those words or seeing the back to school commercials on the telly by I love it. Back to school meant being the king again. Back to school meant having everyone under my thumb as I ruled the halls of Brooke stone academy. It also meant getting out of this prison that I called my house.

When my car engine roared in the loud parking lot everything became quiet. Everything became still and all eyes were turned to me. I acted like I didn't notice because ruled one of being cool was don't try to be cool. And rule two be hot.

When I stepped out my car there was already a crowd of people waiting for me. I walked pass them all to meet my actually friend Jason who was standing near the school entrance talking to a cute pale skin girl. When Jason saw me heading towards him he said something to the girl and she walked away with a small wave goodbye.

"I didn't know you had a girlfriend" I said even though I knew she wasn't his girlfriend. I just wanted to see his face turn into a tomato at the mention of the word girlfriend.

"You know she isn't my girlfriend so why torment me with this every time you see me with her?" Jason said dramatically as if what I was doing do him was causing him physical pain.

"Because you're my best friend. And if she isn't your girlfriend then what is she?" is asked trying to weasel some information out of the kid but he is a tough nut to crack.

"She is a girl that is a friend and that's all I have to say on it" Jason said as he started walking ahead of me. Which means it was the end if the conversation.

"You know you love her!" I yelled after him. Jason just flipped me the bird without looking back.


"But dad you said you would be there to say bye this morning. It's the first day back at school. I was late because I stood there in the stupid fucking kitchen waiting for you like an idiot" I yelled into the phone as I was walking down the hall.

"Well I'm sorry Ryder but I have more important things to do than say bye to you when you go to school. What's next you want me to pack you a lunch and kiss your boo boos too. For goodness sake Ryder fucking grow up there are more important things in this world than you" he said back in a calming voice like he was talking to one of his business partners. But I'm not one of his business partners I'm his fucking son for good sakes

"Well I'm sorry your fucking son isn't as important as one of your business deals dad. I can't believe I let myself think you would actually be there for me for once. I guess shame on me then for actually thinking you would come through for me." I said as I turned off the phone on him.

This happens every time. I let myself think that he would actually come through for me. But end the end I'm the one left waiting like a little kid wanting his daddy's approval. I though when you talk to your dad it's supposed to put you in a good mood my mood couldn't be more opposite.

I angrily pushed the door open to my art class when I heard a high pitched scream come through the door. I opened the door to see none other than little Riley Hart lying on the floor with her hand on her head.

"Oh great you again" she said with annoyance lacing her words.

"Well look who it is daddy's little girl" I said with a smile on my face something about talking to her even though I'm pissing her off shifted my whole mood. Riley got up off the floor by herself while dusting herself off.

"Thanks for the help getting up by the way your such a gentle man" she said. This girl is just the sass queen isn't she?

"I know" I said. She's not the only one who can be sassy. Please I'm sassier than a four year in a beauty pageant.

Riley then just walks away into the classroom while saying "I already killed too much brain cells talking a arrogant asshole like you". I heard a few snicker from the passing students in the hallway. I just glared at them while following riley into the art class.

"What my hotness got you running away from me?" I asked riley as I took a seat next to her.

"Okay class these will be your permeant seats this year I hope you like your partners" the teacher that looked like she just walked out of Woodstock said.

"I know I do" I said in Riley ear. I have a feeling I going to like this class.


A/N: ok so I wrote this chapter in like two days. And actually kinda of like it. You guys should have seen it before editing. THANK GOD FOR AUTOCORRECT!!!!!!!!

the pic on the side of the greek god is perfcetion with blue eyes chace crawford as ryder. do you guys like him or no?????????

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