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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


5. "I'm king of my home planet zargon"


"Riley, Riley, Riley, Riley, RILEY!" Ryder has been saying for the pass twenty minutes as he poked my cheeks consistently with his disgusting chewed up pen, like it's the first day of school and you don't have a new CLEAN pen. My poor cheek has tuned red in that spot he had been poking.

I try to keep my cool (you can't keep what you never had my subconious said) but all I could think of was turning around and taking that pen out of his hand and stabbing him repeatly in the neck with it. Ok clam down Riley you're going a little crazy the angel on my right shoulder said. But the little devil on my left shoulder said just do it he's asking for it. I go with the angel because I'm trying to be a good little girl this year and not stab as much as I want to. My hands started twitching at the need of hurting Ryder in some way and my eyes began twitching along with them. I bet I look like a crack addict going crazy because they can't get there next fix.

"Riley" Ryder said one more time as he took his bitten at the top covered in spit pen and poked my right boob. That it! I turned to him ready to punch him in his perfect face only to see him facing Ms. Jackson or as she likes to be called rainbow her hippy name with a dimply smile on his face as if nothing had happen. As if he hadn't been poking me for half of the class. I can't. I just can't win with this guy. Without noticing it my hands went up to my head and I started tugging at my hair. I'm officially losing it. This is Riley Hart officially losing it and it isn't pretty.

"Stop that I don't like my girls bald" Ryder said as he gently pushing my hand away from my hair brushing my cheeks with his rough hands along the way.

His eyes turned soft as he asked "did I do this to you" worryingly while running his fingers over my pen bruised cheek.

"Does it hurt? Oh my god I hit a girl. Oh my god I hurted a girl" Ryder said as he tugged at his own hair angrily with one hand as his other hand still rest on my cheek.

I didn't even know what to say. This was a completely different Ryder from the one I've seen for the past few weeks. This Ryder was nice and caring and gentle. All the anger I had in me vanished when I saw his worried eyes.

"It ok it doesn't even hurt" I said as I placed my cold hands over his hand on my cheek. I don't even know why I care about his feeling but just seeing him so worried and vurnerable over a small thing like a pen mark make me feel like maybe there is another side of Ryder I have yet to discover.

Then he had to go ruin it all by saying "if your gonna have any marks from me it gonna be something more pleasurable then painful." then he winked at me and stood up from his seat walking out the class. I sat there for second realizing what just happened. Then some guy that looked like he should be in prison rather than a senior in high school tapped me on the shoulder and said class is over. I didn't even hear the bell ring.


I dazingly walked the crowded hallway to the cafeteria to meet up with Zoë and Mia. So far this day has felt like a dream. I don't remember waking up this morning or getting dress or even getting on the subway to get to school. For my first day of my last year in high school it was pretty average. Nothing special about it if I can't even remember my day so far. That just meant this was going to be like another year. And that's exactly what I hoped for. Just another year of being too straight forward for some people to handle ending with them just thinking I'm a bitch and leaving me alone. But I'm just a girl that can't control her mouth.

The troubles of having a big mouth which is funny because my actually mouth is weirdly small in size. You should see me trying to stuff a whole burger with fries in my mouth with half of it falling back on the plate. But still that doesn't stop me from eatting more than I can handle.

As I coutuie walking down the faded blue painted hallway my mind wonder back to my earlier encounter with Ryder. Just seeing him like that left me so confused. But then he had to go ruin it by going back to his usual pervy self. It seemed like he was really mad when he hit me with the door first. But by the end of the period he was back to his usual arrogant jackass self. I wonder what changed?

When I finally reached the cafeteria doors I paused for a second to clear my head. I don't wanted Mia and Zoë knowing I was thinking so much. They always seem to know when I've been stressing about pointless things.

Just as I walked towards the table Zoë ask "what have you been worrying you're pretty little head about Riley?'

"God! How do you always know when I've been thinking too much" I asked frustrated. I can't even think too much without people knowing. I'm so easy to read.

"I always know because your waltz in here with your sex hair which I know you didn't get from actually having sex because you're a little virgin Mary you have it from running your hands through it too much and your running yours hands over the bottom of your shirt over and over again like your nervous because of what you're thinking about" she said in one sentence taking a deep breath after she was finished.

"You need to get a life and stop looking at me all the time to know what I'm doing when I'm thinking. I'm know I'm hot and everything but I don't go that way"

"Shut up" Zoë said while laughing

"Nice comeback loser" Mia said.

"Yea! She's on my team which means me win". That's what happens when two of us disagree on something Mia is the one to always make the final decide.

"Who wins what" Zoë's brother Joe said as he walked over towards us.

"Stop being so nosy Joe" Zoë said. Then Zoë and Joe took off I'm their normal brother sister fights while Mia and I walked off to get greasy "meat" and stale French fries or as we call it lunch. Yay public school lunch!


"Jackkkkkkkk, jakeeeeeee I'm homeeeeee" I yelled as I walked in the front door. They house look the same as I lefted it this morning. Same messy coffee table, same dirty sock on the floor, and same empty refrigator

Riley we're hungry. Those were the words that lead to me standing on top of the marble countertop scrubbing pasta sass off the white cabinets.

Let me start from the beginning.

"Riley we're hungry" Jake said jumping out of nowhere

"Holy shit child where did you come from?!?!" asked with my hand on my chest like I'm having a heart attack which I think I am. I can feel my heart pounding harshly against my ribcage and hear it loudly in my ears.

"well mom likes to tell me I came out of her you know what but I like to think I came from outer space because my alien mother wanted me to grow up on earth but one day she would come back for me and tell me I'm king of my home planet zargon" Jake said like it was the most normal thing to come out of his mouth.

"What about jack your twins where did he come from?" I asked actually curious to know where this story went.

"Oh he just tagged along as my butler you know the king always have his peasants" Jake said while looking like he actually believed what he was saying looking at jack.

"Yea, no" jack said ending the conversation with his short words.

"Riley we're hungry" the boys said once again.

"So?" I asked.

"So make us something to eat. What do you know how to make?" jack asked while Jake was rubbing his stomach to show how hungry he was

"Water" I said. It's true I can't even warm up water without something going wrong.

"I know let's make pasta mom does it in like two seconds so it has to be easy" Jake said, I can almost see the light bulb flashing above his head.

"Yea let's do it"

So somehow making pasta lead to the sass blowing up and splashing all over the kitchen the exact moment mom and dad walked in the front door.

So now they are sitting in the living room eating Chinese food while Jack, Jake and I are doing child labor in the kitchen.

I should sue.


A/N: SO EARLY UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I'm awesome and you guys can repay me by actually VOTING AND COMMENTING!

This chapter was for once easy to write, I just really wanted to write about Ryder and riley and this chapter happened. I wanted them to have a cute moment so there you go.

I had the same conversation with my math teacher today about her making us do child labor and then she told me to leave the class and I thought the women was serious. Her sarcasm was on point.

Oh and while writing this chapter I was listening to the walk to remember soundtrack. I just love that movie. Landon all the way. And Mandy Moore voice is just perfection. I don't know why I said that well wrote that but whatever. I bet no one even reads the author notes.

Pic on the side is perfection also known as Chace Crawford in sunglasses

P.S I might be updating a lot next week because I have THE WHOLE WEEK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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