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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


19. "brown into blue. blue into brown"

Riley's POV You know those days when you really wanna do something but you don't wanna do it at the same time. Thats exactly how i felt today. It was almost the end of October a cold chill in the air , a sweater defiantly needed and all i wanted to do was snuggle deeper into my small twin bed. But i couldn't. That little nagging voice in the back of my head kept telling me to go to school. That little nagging voice also kept reminding me of how much i wanted to see a certain cocky, dorky and surprisingly sweet guy name Ryder. Since that almost kiss in the park I've been trying to not think about him all weekend. I tried to convince myself it was all in the moment but from the look in his icy blue eyes i just could tell it was more. It also didn't help that jack and jake loved him so much that they kept talking about him for the rest of the weekend. *** "Riley baby i feel like in haven't seen you in years" joe screamed down the hallway as he saw me walking into the front doors of this hellhole. Immediately he sprinted towards and lifted me up in a bone crushing hug. "Me too joey bear" i said playing along. Looking over joe's shoulder i saw Zoë and Mia walking over towards us with looks over disgusted and confusion on their faces. And you guessed it the look of disgust was on Zoë's face. "Ew riley why are you touching him. You could catch his disease of stupidity" zoe said while joe just glared at her and put me down. "I do not have a disease! Its not my fault riles cant resist all this" he smirked while gesturing towards his body. "Hey! You were the one that practically tackled me" i said smacking his on the chest. "You say tomato i say potato" joe said shrugging. "Thats not how-" Mia started to say but joe cut her off but putting his fingers on her lips in a shushing manor. "In my world it does little Mia" "Whatever. I thought you were hugging her becasue you finally told her about that massive crush you had on her" mia said smirking. "WHAT!" Zoe and i said at the same time. We both stared at joe with our jaw on the floor and our eyes wider then a panda's. "I don't not have a crush on her!" Joe said his cheeks tinting a light shade of pink. "Well thats not what you said in freshmen year" mia said in a sing songy vocie. All while joe was shooting her daggers. "That was years ago. Im over it. Please god riles i swear im over it" he said practically begging me to believe him. "Well you do alway give me your extra cookies so i dont know" i said teasingly. "You guys suck" joe said slinging his bag over his shoulder and walking away. Not before turning around and flipping us the bird. Zoe didn't let him get away with that she flipped him off right back. "Detention! Mr.Steven" the crappy science teacher yelled from somewhere. We couldnt see her but apparently she has eyes everywhere. "Wha...but she...and i...ugh!" Joe shouted and just stomped away. "Sucker" Zoë said while shaking with laughter. Well joe alway had the worst of luck. I remember when we were kids there wouldn't be a puddle that didn't splash him or a homework that didn't get eaten by his 'dog'. "So riley forget about that idiot what's up with you and Ryder" Zoë asked the question Mia was too shy to ask. "What there's nothing going on between me and Ryder!" I said knowing that might not be entirely true. Just as i said that i saw Jason running towards us. Ryder was close behind chasing him. Just the sight of him makes my heart speed up. And i know that's not normal. Since this morning I've been so eager to see him and now he's finally in front of me and i cant even breath properly. Its not my fault though. Its all his fault looking so good today. Dressed in just a black t-shirt and jeans he couldn't look anymore delicious. Just as i thought nothing could be better than just staring at him he opened his pouty pinks lips and spoke. "Looking hot as ever twinks" he said slinging his arms around my shoulder. Well don't we just have a real old shakesprere right here ladies and gentlemen. "I know" i said throwing his arms off my shoulder. "Oh feeling sassy today are we" Ryder chuckled putting back his hand around my shoulder. "So why were you sprinting over here pretty boy. Couldn't wait to see twinks over here" Zoë smirked while putting enfasis on twinks. It felt weird hearing someone else call me that. I was so use to only hear Ryder smooth deep voice say that word. I think i like it better when he say it. "Well i can never get enough of this one over here" he said winking at me then turned back to Zoë. "But no i was chasing this little jackass over here" he said walking towards Jason. Jason just shrieked and hid behind Mia. "Glad to see chivalry's dead" Mia mumbled. Jason kissed her cheek after hearing that. Mentally awing right now at these two cuties. "Jason give me your phone" Ryder growls out. Jason surprisingly ran towards me. "Oh Riley i have this really funny video you should watch" Jason said grinning at Ryder. Seriously he wants to watch a video when there's a 200 pound monster that looks like he could eat him for dinner and ask for more later. "Are you sure you wanna do that. I don't maybe you wanna run" "Nah i wanna stay right here and watch this video" Jason said and then pressed play on his phone. The first thing i saw was the park. It was the same park Ryder and i was at this pass weekend. Then i saw Ryder knee deep in the cute little pond they had at the park. "Are you sure she wouldn't just want a teddy bear or something" a voice said that I'm assuming is Jason. I wonder who's this she their talking about. "No! She said she wanted this flower so I'm gonna get her this flower!" Ruder yelled back with determination in his voice. He turned back to look at the camera. Thats when i saw his face for the first time. He was covered in mud from top to bottom. His once clean white shirt was almost grey now and I just hoped he took his shoes off before going in. "Are videoing this you little shit" Ryder yelled. "Maybe..." Jason said trailing off. "Turn that shit off" "And if i don't. What are you gonna do about it". "Im gonna come put there and give you a big ol hug". "You wouldn't". "I think we both know i would" There was a minute of silence and then Ryder spoke again. "Ugh it feels like I'm walking in shit" he groaned. "The things you do for love man" "Shut-" Ryder was cute off by a angry male voice that sounded far away. "Hey! You. What are you kids doing!" "Run!" Jason and Ryder yelled at the same time. "You cant go in the pond boy. Its illegal. Im calling the police" the man screamed after them. I sure they didn't hear him because both Jason and Ryder was running out the park laughing. Ryder left a trail of mud behind him as they kept running. When they were almost out he slipped on the mud and fell to ground. Jason just laughed harder while helping him up. Since Ryder's hands were slippery when Jason grabbed it he fell down too. Right on top of Ryder. Still they got up and kept running. "You'll never take us alive!" was the last thing said before the video ended. "Well that was...interesting" i said trying to suppress my laughter. Mia and Zoë on the other hand was practically rolling on the floor laughing. "It wasn't even that funny!" Ryder snapped at us. Everyone immediately stopped laughing. No one said another word till the bell rang. Ryder just walked away looking mad and annoyed. People alway said Ryder was a asshole but from all the time i know him i never saw it. That is until now. *** It was finally the end of the day and i couldn't get the the subway fast enough. Since the little fiasco in the hallway i haven't seen Ryder. He wasn't in art class the only class we had together. I was actually looking forward to seeing him. I could already see his grinning face if i told him i missed his annoying self in class. Mia and Zoe were both busy after school today. Which means i had to walk to the train all by myself lonesome. The good side to that was i could get home faster. When i would walk with them Zoë would usually take forever to come out of class or mia would have to spend ten minutes talking to a teacher about the homework. I was just about the walk up the subway steps when a strong hand grip my arm. Gasping i turned around in a hurry only to see Ryder smoldering blue eyes. He was looking at me like he knew i was gonna walk away from him. Like he knew i was still pissed at him for not knowing how to take a joke. "Twinks I'm so so so sorry" was the first thing he said while staring into my eyes. He usual bright sparkling blue eyes were a duller navy color and they were filled with sadness and regret. "Why did you make such a big deal out of things? It was just a video" i said softly. "I just...just didn't want you to see it" he mumbled while looking down at his vans clad feet. "Why not!" I stomped my foot in annoyance. "Because!" "Because what?" "Because i didn't want you to see me covered in mud running around a park being chased by a cop. I didn't want you to think I'm a bad guy" he whispered the last part looking down once again. "Ryder the first time we met was in a police station or did you forget that" I chuckle. Even mr.grumpy was able to crack a smile. "How could i forget the first time i met you" he said squeezing my hand. It was then I realized he was still holding my hand. "I don't think i could forget it either" i said staring into his eyes. Brown into blue. Blue into brown. "Oh! I forgot i got you something!" Ryder practically squealed. He shoveled thought his bag pack pulling out a seethrough glass container. Inside was a pink flower floating around in water. "This was the reason you were in the pond to get me this flower?" I questioned. "Of course. I remember you said how much you loved them when we were at the park" he said shrugging like its no big deal. "Oh Ryder thats the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me!"i said flinging my arms around his neck. His arms instantly circled around my waist tightening like i was gonna let go too soon. He smelled of peppermint and something else that could only be described as Ryder. "I love it" i said once again pulling back to press a kiss the his cheek. The only problem was because of my short genes i couldn't reach his cheek. My lips ended up landing on his jaw line. He pulled back looking at me wide eyed and surprised. "I should really get you more stuff if it ends like that" Ryder said smiling. His eyes went back to their usual sparkling blue color. "Only if their as cute and sweet as this" We were pulled out of our trance of staring at each other by the loud sounds of the train arriving above us. "Oh shit i have to go thats my train" i said taking off up the stairs. "Thanks again" i shouted turning around once again to catch one last glimpse of him. I was almost to the top of the stairs when Ryder yelled for me. "Twinks make sure you read the bottom of the jar " he yelled. "Okey" After barely squeezing though the train's closing doors i took a glance at the bottom of the jar. What it red took my breath away. I like you ______________________________________________________ A/N: this chapter was going to be completed different but rilder ( RYDER AND RILEY SHIP NAME!!!)power just took over. They wanted the chapter all to then selves. I was in the train writing this and it all just came to me. Pic on top is of the flower our bae ryder gave riley. Its sooo cute. The song is crush by mandy moore. I was listening to that when i was writing all the cute stuff.
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