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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


18. "Are you gonna just stare at her like you lost some brain cells?"

Ryder's POV   Candy crush was kicking my ass when I heard a knock on my car window. There Riley stood in all her glory with her perfect golden hair blowing in the wind and those brilliant hazel eyes that always made me like her just a little more every day. I didn't know how long it was. It could have been seconds, minutes or even hours but I just stared at her to my heart's content. It was like I was trying to take a mental picture of her with my mind so I would never lose the image of what is now perfection in my eyes. I was pulled out of my riley filled fantasy when a kid around the age of thirteen jumped in front of her. Instantly I could tell they were related, from the hazel eyes and same facial feature. The only thing different was the kid had jet black hair that could almost make you think its dark blue. "Hey loser are you gonna quit staring at my sister and open the door or are you gonna just stare at her like you lost some brain cells?" The kid said with sass in his tone. I was rendered speechless from this kids words. Now I know for sure they are related. He has the same quick wit and sassy comments as his sister. "I guess you're going with option three staring into space drooling. You can really pick em riley" the kid that I don't know the name of yet said with sarcasm. "Shut up Jake you should thank Ryder for saving you from an afternoon with the witch" riley said then smacked Jake on the back of his head. "Hey!" He gasped glaring at her. "You know you deserved it" another kid said walking out the house. I think I'm seeing double. Standing right in front of me was the sassy kid with a clone next to him. Then I realized he was a twin. Wow for a math genius I'm pretty slow. "Hurry up and get in the car so we can get this over with" another voice said. What is up with all these people coming out of nowhere? I looked up to see who the voice belonged to. Standing there was a curvy blonde looking like she was too good to be hanging out with us. She had this annoyed look on her face and she was wearing sunglasses. Like seriously it October there is not even that much sun out. It seems like riley had the same distaste for the girl because she just rolled her eyes and got in the front seat of the car with her brothers following soon after getting in the back. "Move over you little runt your blocking my light" the girl said shoving one of the twins out of the way. "Don't push my brother like that Victoria!" Riley fired turning around to look at Victoria whose name I finally know. "Oh yea and what are you gonna do about it" Victoria smirked at riley. "I'm gonna come over there and pull out those fake blonde extensions" riley said. The look on her face tells that she wouldn't mind jumping over the seat to get to Victoria. "Yea so come on then" Victoria said. This girl really doesn't know when to shut up. Before anything else could happen I put my hand on riley arm to calm her down. "Clam down twinks we don't want you going all Bruce lee on her in a moving car" I whispered. "Fine" she pouted. "That's what I thought" Victoria smirked in victory thinking she won because riley didn't hit her. "That's it! Ryder pull over!" Riley yelled. "This is gonna be a long ride" I couldn't agree more. *** After driving for another ten minutes we finally arrived at the park. Just the sight of the park could have a calming effect on anyone. The beautiful blue sky above us and the shimmering green grass bellow. The sound of kid laughter filled the air. Who wouldn't enjoy this? "Ugh who likes the park anyway? The grass is totally ruining my shoes" Victoria whined. That's what she gets for wearing four inch hells to the park. "Just shut up already" one of the twins said. That's reminded me I still don't know one of their names. "So twinks aren't you gonna introduce me to everyone" I said slinging my arms around her shoulder. "I guess. These are my brother Jake and jack. And of course my darling cousin Victoria" riley said with sarcasm in her voice while removing my arms from around her shoulder. After the introductions we all just stood there. I didn't know anyone here but riley so I couldn't do anything. Then Riley being the chatterbox she is finally broke the silence. "I'll race you guys to the swings" she shouted already taking off towards the playground area of the park. "Not if we get there first" the twins said. Before they took off they turned to me and smirked at each other then pushed me down. I'm a football player and two thirteen years just pushed me down. "You better run you little pucks" I said chasing after them. So this is what it feels like to have siblings. I don't even know Jake and jack yet but I could just tell we will get along great. We all swing on the swings and pretend we were flying for most of the time we were at the park. I never had kids my own age to play with when I was a kid. All I had was Jason. He was great but wasn't there all the time. Being at the park and running around laughing and playing reminded me of what I missed out on. I pushed my negative thoughts away and continued chasing riley around the park. Jake and jack left a while ago to check out the skate park. Victoria was the other hand went back to the car because and I quote the park's lighting was ruining her selfies. Leaving riley and I all alone. Not that I was complaining. "You'll never catch me Ryder" riley screamed turning back to look at me. She was grinning from ear to ear. Her golden hair was flying in the wind behind her. She has never looked more happy or beautiful. Fuck me I'm so whipped. I sped up to caught up to her. I wouldn't let her leave me that easily. When she was in my sights I tackled her to the grass making sure she land on top of me so she would get hurt. "Caught you" I whispered. Riley was lying on top of me. Our legs were all tangled up in each other and my arms were wrapped tightly around her slim waist. "I guess you did" she whispered back smiling down at me. I would do anything to make her smile like that again. Her hair flew in her face from the wind. Like the night of the police station and again on our date with Jason and Mia I couldn't control myself. My hands reached up to push the strand of hair behind her ears. I stared into her eyes while doing so just hoping she could see what I felt for her. Taking a chance I leaned up a little to kiss her. She seemed a little hesitant at first but she leaned in too. Just our lips were about to touch a pebble hit my face. Then another and another. When I hear the high pitch screaming of a swarm of six years olds. "Get off her!" "You're killing her" "are you gonna eat her?" "Why is your face so close to hers?" "Are you giving her mouth to mouth?" "I bet his cloths is gonna get dirty" "His mommy is gonna be so mad" Riley rolled off me into the grass laughing her head off. I instantly missed the warm heat of her body on mine and the sweet smell of jasmine that she gave off. She was literally rolling on the ground laughing. I on the other was too busy being pelted by pebbles by a bunch of six year olds. When riley finally sobered up from her laugh fest she turned to the group of kids. "Ok guys that enough. I'm save" riley said smiling ng at them. "Are you sure malady" a little boy with blonde hair said taking riley hands in his. This little player is trying to steal my women. God! You can't trust anyone these days. "I'm sure my little hero" Riley said. She then crouched to the floor and pressed a kiss to the kid's cheek. Ugh first he stole my women then he stole my kiss. Kids these days!
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