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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


14. "and a crop top that looked like she got it in the kids department"

Ryder's POV


"So twinks did I mention how beautiful you looked on our date Friday night?" I said as I slang my arm around Riley's shoulder. The whole weekend has pasted and I'm still in wonderland over my date with Riley. It was perfect. Not too much pressure. Probably because it wasn't a real date to her that's annoying little voice in my head reminded me. But too me it was and I'll keep thinking that.

"It wasn't a date" Riley said pushing my arms off her shoulder.

"If a fun evening between two people that included an almost kiss isn't a date then I don't know what is" I answered back with a smart ass comment. I was ready for her this time. Usually when I talk to her I get all tongue tied and can't get my words out. But now I'm ready.

"We did not almost kiss!" She screamed out in the crowed hallway. Bystander turned to look at her and I ready for the new gossip. Riley hands shot up to cover her mouth after she realized how loud she was.

"Good going Riley now you've made the whole school know about our kiss." I said in a teasing tone. Her face flushed red with angrier and she started tugging her golden hair.

"We did not kiss!" Riley hissed at me as she said each word slowly and carefully while backing me up against the lockers.

"Oh Riley do you wanna go for round two I'm ready" I said as I realized the position we were in. I was backed up against the lockers with Riley leaning against me. For an onlooker it would look like we were a happy couple making out. Though from close up you would see Riley looking like she wants to stab me.

"I wouldn't want your lips anywhere near mines even if I needed you to give me CPR" Riley growled out as she turned around and walked down the hall her little hips swaying from side to side.

She's so hot


Jason and I were seated in my car during lunch hour pigging out on Mikey Dee’s. The air condition was on blast due to the October weather. Yea I know October isn't that hot but to me it's as hot as June. What can I say I'm just hot all around?

The radio was silently playing classic rock hits in the back ground. The music was fading out because of Jason's constant talk of his amazingly wonderful most perfect date with Mia Friday night his words not mine. I couldn't blame the guy though; I'm still hang up on the date too. I’m still hang up on how beautiful she looked in that green dress, how sexy and teasing she looked with those knee high socks and how wonderful and flustered I felt when I had her backed up against the kitchen counter. Yea I could definably get use to that

"And then Mia said her favorite show was the walking dead too!" Jason told me for the tenth time. He's been going on about Mia this and Mia that. But he's my best friend so I go along with it. I would do anything for this guy he's like my brother.

"Yes jase I know you told me this about twenty minutes ago" I said laughing.

"I just can't get her out of my head" Jason said his cheeks turning red.

"I get you man" I said Riley's beautiful face flashing in my head.

"Oohh are you talking about Rileyyy" Jason said dragging out her name.

"Shut up and eat your burger" I said pushing his burger towards his mouth.

"Yes mom" Jason laughed his mouth stuffed with food.


"So Ryder I heard you're going out with that little plain Jane Riley Hart" Rachel said as she strutted up to me in her tight black leggings and a crop top that looked like she got it in the kids department. I mentally laughed in my head thinking of how Riley's actual middle name was Jane.

"It's none of your business Rachel"

"It is my business Ryder. I can't have people thinking your cheating on me with that loser" Rachel said shocking the hell out of me.

"We are not going out! Where did you get that idea from" I practically screamed out.

"Oh come on Ryder don't play dumb. We've been going out since the party at the beginning of the year remember" she said. Holy shit I just remembered. We did kiss at that stupid party that got me arrested. That party was my greatest idea yet because it ended with me meeting Riley.

"Rachel we may have kissed but we are NOT going out. I was drunk the kiss meant nothing" I said in the gentlest voice I could muster up. The girl may be a bitch but still she's a girl and I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

"So you’re just dumping me for that ugly little loser!" she squeaked out in her high pitched voice. Her voice sounded like that loud annoying sound that happens when you squeeze a balloon top to get the air to come out.

"First of all Riley isn't ugly or a loser. She may be little but she's not ugly. And second of all we were never dating" I said trying to keep my cool. Though it's hard when dealing with idiotic people like Rachel.

"Whatever Ryder have fun with your little nerd but when you get tired of her you'll come crawling back to me. You always have before." Rachel said with a sicken smirk on her lip gloss covered lips. She turned and walked down the halls leaving me with dark thoughts I haven't had in a while.

Since I met Riley I didn't feel empty anymore. I didn't stand in a crowded room with my body being there but my heart, soul and mind being a million miles away like I use to. Since the night at the police station I knew Riley was different and I needed her in my life. Bur I realized if I wanted Riley I can't have anyone screwing that up.

Oh my god I just said I wanted Riley.


A/N: its april fool’s day!!!!!!


the song on the side is this is why by hey violet. its sooo good and catchy. 



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