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Can a positive and a negative ever connect?


3. "A little perv gotta be lurking"

Riley's POV

I sat back in my seat as I watched Mr.Popular being dragged in the police station. All while saying rather loudly "if your gonna touch me like that,you better buy me dinner first".

There he is,Ryder Prince Mr.Perfect the guy can never do wrong. He can set your hair on fire and one flash of his charming smile and everything is okey. Ryder and I weren't really friends,we weren't even acquaintances. I just knew he existed but I mean how could I not,the guy was practically royalty at Brookestone Academy. I mean just look at his last name PRINCE!!!! Ryder and I have been in the same school since kindergarten, but somehow our paths have never crossed and I just hope it stays that way.

I didn't even realize that Ryder Prince himself was standing in front of me until he spoke.
" I know I'm rather handsome babe but could you control yourself there are elderlies around" he said oh so smugly. I didn't even realize I was staring at him."I wasn't looking at you and don't call me babe, I'm not your babe" I said a bit too loudly. "No need to scream doll I can make you do plenty of that in bed later" he said like the little pervert he is while staring down at my bare legs "and I can call you whatever I want babe". Damn,the day I decide to wear shorts a little perv gotta be lurking around.
"You little horn dog I was yelling to defend myself against assholes like you" Ryder looks a little taken back by my language.
"Well,well,well I never knew little ms preachers daughter could use such fowl language". He said while smirking down at me. "For your information I'm not a preachers daughter my dad is actually..." "Oh hi DADDY!!!!!"I screamed making sure to say daddy a little louder than nessasary. I pushed Ryder out of the way as I hug my dad tightly around the neck. "Happy birthday baby girl" my dad said as he kissed my forehead.

Suddenly he let go of me and turned his attention to Ryder who was standing behind me watching the exchange between my father and I with a bewildered look on his face. "Prince what are you doing with my daughter?" Asked my dad in a tone I never heard him used before. Ryder didn't even seem a little fazed by my dad tone. It's like he was use to it. He just answered back with his usual smartass comment. "Well Robert where ya been hiding this little gem?" "Don't even think about messing with my daughter Prince. I can have your arrogant little ass locked up faster than you can say daddy. Your father's money won't help you get out of trouble this time." Ryder just chuckled in amusement as he said " let's hurry this up I got places to go people to see and none of that consist of me being here".

My dad grabbed Ryder roughly and dragged him towards his office. All the while Ryder was looking at me with a glint of mischief in his icy blue eyes that told me this wouldn't be the last time I will be seeing him.


"I KNOW,can you believe it, that little...little...garbage face that little garbage face said that" I ranted to Zoe and Mia as we sat on my bedroom floor. Zoe and Mia erupted in laughter at my choice of insult. I just looked at them not amused. "You little twats" that just caused them to laugh more.

"Stop complaining you know you have the hots for the boy,I mean how could you not have you seen the boy?"Zoe said with a big fat grin on her face while fanning herself with her hand at Ryder's so called hotness. "I do not!" I yelled back at her. "And he ain't even that cute. My dog bunny is way cuter than him,aren't you bunny?" I said to my dog in a baby voice while rubbing his golden fur.
Zoe though it was funny my little encounter with Ryder. She though it was cute how we insulted each other. I just thought the chick was a little coo-coo in the nut house. But you gotta love her, her craziness and all.

While Zoe thought Ryder and I's meeting was the best thing ever,Mia the more sensible one thought Ryder was just a plain douchebag. Finally someone agrees with me. Although I could have lived without the part where she mention Ryder was a beautiful piece of art that even Picasso would be jealous of. But that's our little Mia where she has to include something about school wherever she goes.


"So summer is almost ending BITCHES let go to the beach!!!!" Zoe yelled in excitement as she jumped up from my bedroom floor. Zoe started dancing around my room while singing at the top of her lungs Nicki Minaj's starships.

After we finished discussing my eventful birthday with a surprise visit from Ryder Prince,Zoe decided we had to soak up the sun one last time by hitting the beach. So we packed our bags and grabbed our cutes bikinis and head to the beach.

After driving for a little while we started hearing sounds from the back of Mia's beat up old bug. "Oh my god Mia I told you this thing was haunted. It looks just like the car from herby. I told you, I fucking told you" screamed Zoe causing Mia to hurryly pull over. "Shut the fuck up child" I yelled at her. Zoe just pouted and sat back in her sit while she let the big kids handle this.

Mia and I walked slowly towards the back of the car like we were about to open a door to find Jason from Friday the 13 or something. But no we didn't get Jason. All we got was my annoying twin brothers jack and jake stuffed in the back of the car practically lying on top of each other. Jacks feet were almost lying on Jakes face while Jake feet were planted firmly in Jacks armpit. "Well don't you two look comfy" I said in a tone that was suppose to be scary but I just couldn't help it I just burst out laughing with Mia following close behind. "Oh my god you should see yourselves you look so cute and stupid" I said while laughing. "Wait don't you think we should capture this moment for future references Riley?" Mia asked while taking out her phone and capturing the moment. " you guys suck" said Jake while trying to cover his face from Mia's camera. "When are you gonna tell me what your doing in the back of the car?" I asked the boys with my hand on my hip. "We thought it was Narnia?" Jack said in a unconvincing voice. "Seriously that's what your gonna go with really? That doesn't Even make sense it was a closet in Narnia idiots" I said. "So what were you guys really doing in the car?" Zoe asked finally joining us in the back. "Well little Jackie boy here wanted to see his girlfriend at the beach today and we heard you guys were going so..." Said Jake with a smirk on his face while looking at Jacks blushing face. "YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?!?!?!" Zoe,Mia and I screamed at the same time with a shocked look on our faces. "She's not my girlfriend" Jack murmured.


"God Riley I can't believe you made us stay in the back of the car all the way here" Jake said while rubbing his neck in pain. "That's what you get for almost making me pee myself" said Zoe. Just as we got to the beach Jake and Jack were gone to meet their friends. "Come on girls lets hit the beach!" Mia screamed as we all ran towards the beach to find a good spot.

" God Riley,why you gotta make us normal girls feel bad with your bangin body!" Zoe said with Mia nodding her head in agreement. I just rolled my eyes at them. "You guys shouldn't be talking I have practically no boobs and you two milkshake brings all the boys to to the yard while they just come to my house to ask directions" I said while laughing at my own joke. "Your such a loser that wasn't even funny" Mia said. "Your just jealous" I said while flipping my hair like the sass queen I am. Yea right. But really they were both beautiful. Mia with her short curvy self and Zoe with her tall toned self.


While playing in the water Mia just randomly started squealing like a one direction fan girl. "God damn Mia I think I just gone deaf" Zoe said while shaking her head to get some sound back. Is that even possible? The questions that hunt me.

"So what's all that squealing for?" I asked. "Don't look now but Ryder Prince is walking this way. Maybe he wants to talk to you? Maybe he wants to say hi? Maybe he wants to ask you out" Mia said and started squealing again. And that's when I had to put a stop to her. " clam down child,Ryder isn't going to ask me out we don't even know each other" I said in a slow voice like I was talking a baby.

"Hi Riley" someone said from behind me. I heard Mia and surprisingly Zoe gasped in surprise. I turned around to see Ryder standing behind me in all his half naked glory. This kid. " how do you know my name" was the first question I asked. "I have my ways" Ryder said smugly. Behind Ryder I saw a group of guys approaching us."yo man is this the chick you were talking about" a blond guy said while slinging his arm around Ryder's shoulder. Now it was my turn to smirk. "You were talking about me?" I asked while smirking up at him. I could see a faint taint of pink on his cheek. "Awww are you blushing how cute" I said while reaching up and pinching his cheek. Ryder gently smacked my hands away from his face while his friends started laughing. " I wasn't blushing and I wasn't talking about you. I was just telling the guys about the hot girl I met when I got arrested." He said while looking down at my bikini clad body. I groaned. " now babe don't make that sound it's just turning me on more and with you in that little bikini it's like you knew I was coming to the beach today" he said while laughing along with his friends. "I just about have it up to here with your perverted self." I said while reaching out my hands and pushing Ryder into the salty beach water. I skipped away with the sound of laugher in the background.
A/N: This chapter was sooooo hard to write. I don't know why. I had Ryder's block. Haha get it RYDER'S block. let me stop. but seriously this chapter was hard. so you guys can thanks me by voting and commenting pleaseee.

P.S if you notice any errors tell me in the comments I suck at editing stuff. I just alway think my writing is

P.P.S (or P.S.S idk which one) the picture on the side is the perfect eyes of Ryder Prince. And who do you think should play Ryder???


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