How To Be Famous On Movellas

How to be famous on Movellas. *Do not sue if this makes you less popular.


1. Chapter 1

Love ONE DIRECTION! If you don't you have nothing going for you. 


Use bad grammar and spelling so the audience tries to help, ruining your IQ. 


Post a gazillion selfies in your mumbles. It makes you look obsessed with yourself, and then your fans pity you.


Use bad excuses when you didn't write, like my dog ate a plane so we took him to the hospital. My turtle is fine though. 


Abrev everything cause ur 2 laz 2 rit a book tht has ful wrds.


Tell them you'll post a new story with every 100 likes. 


U srsly fail if u dnt rit a stry abt 1D.


Mke  fke accs cuz 

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