years after the death of her father, Evelina, has been living beneath the rule of her mother and stepfather. She was raised to be a proper young lady however the destitute shoved on her and her mother from then has never been forgotten and what her mother put her through will never be forgiven.


1. the underworld

It was one of these more presumptuous comrades, which need wives to teach them self-respect, which was found in the dankest squalor of these curtained follies. Men fallen from riches spent frivolously on absentminded bed fellows and drapery whores. He was one of the worst, flirting with his reputation. His only uphold in this shadowed world. Paper flew from his fingers, funding the smiling devils that spent the girls that worked in these establishments.
I want you to pay attention to the girl in the corner of this picture. Fully covered under cloak and gown. Can you see her? You did not notice her, but neither will he. She dresses not to be noticed behind the veil of those who sell themselves, which show enough skin to tempt strangers in, to only steal their purse with shallow passion. Feeding off the man’s weakness.
If I were you, I would hold you valuables closer to you. There are slyer creatures here than the beasts in the foreground. The girl has vanished. See, she no longer lurks in that corner. Your Fear of this shadowed place has cause you to lose sight of her. Tut, tut, tut. You clearly don’t belong here. Your fear has made you prey in this wilderness. Look your wallet is missing. You should really pay more attention, trust none here, they will turn on you.
Look he has replaced her in the corner he is searching for her. He won’t find her. She has had too much practice hiding from men in the shadows and in obvious sight. You should give up and leave this place. You will gain nothing from following him now. You will probably lose more than just your wallet.  Come. I know where the girl is going to be. You are curious about her. I will tell you her tale on the way.

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