years after the death of her father, Evelina, has been living beneath the rule of her mother and stepfather. She was raised to be a proper young lady however the destitute shoved on her and her mother from then has never been forgotten and what her mother put her through will never be forgiven.


3. the passing time

Her eyes drifted downwards the floor becoming increasingly interested with the knarled meeting of the harsh stonework and waned polished wood, clawed from the decades of fashions harsh soles. The false gaze of the gentleman that stood beside her mother, ate at her with a greedy lust and cruel taste. She even preferred her mothers coldness and envy to this. The sickening fear that leached its way through her body and down her throat, clawed icy nails into her soul. Even on the streets coldness she held on to didn't gnaw at her like this, the dress she wore seemed to leave her too bare as she clung to her unshrouded arms in an attempt to reduce to nakedness of her skin. His embrace groped to far to be any comfort or to stand as only fatherly affection. His slimy countenance only grew as he made himself more at home, leaving her to prefer the comfort of the cold to the comfort of the house. His imprudent nightly visits to her bedchamber chased her to the stables to sleep. Like puss from a wound he infected the house with his lurking presence, engulfing it with a bitter poison of  abhorrent lustful desire. The type of desire that will turn a man into the worst of men. For what he wanted he couldn't have and that hateful lust seeped into each grin, each clawing step, each weighted glace towards her in the closest moment. Without a true father or elder brother to protect her, she was left to run. The asylum of the streets less of a risk than the darkness of her home. But  in his haunting mind he knew how to keep her make sure she could not escape and that he could get what fictitiously  he believed was his.

You look to the young man who follows her questioningly. you are wrong to assume he was the man that caused so much fear. He is not her step father although stands as his image. But now you understand a little more. but her pain has only just begun I will explain how he follows her soon enough but for now you will leave them, she will leave tonight and on the morrow we shall explain her story some more.

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