1. Point of View

eJanice's P.O.V

I stir the stew as Brooklyn prepares the table. Joann and Johnathan go out to get stuff from the nearest store.

"What's your card number, Mr.K?", Joann asked.

Our kidnapper sighed." It's 7598824513005. Remember , I want tomatoes, Chinese-grape fruit, rice, and salsa! If your alarm goes off I'm going to make sure I use all my knives!" 

Joann flitched.

Mr.K (k is for kidnapper) applied an ankle alarm on all of us. So if we run off it starts making a loud siren noise.

The siblings go out the door.

Anyway, basically he cuts off a finger every time you run. And if you run out of fingers he cuts a toe!

"Hey let me taste!" He slurped the stew, quickly spitting it out. "I am not the best cook! Maybe you should of abducted a good cook!" I argued.

He slapped me................BLACK!






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