one day

Two musicians find each other, their worlds are complete. Once they head of to universities, things are different, and something daunting happens that Rose will never forget.
Amazing Cover by Lily anna nightshade!


3. Surprises

-Two weeks later-


I am woken up by Sammy’s high pitched scream, and it’s full of joy and excitement. For some reason I feel achy, but perhaps that’s the sleeping position I used last night. My double bed had a burgundy duvet and black pillows but they are velvet soft so my head is sinking into them like quick sand. As I rest up right, I can see that it’s pure white outside meaning its day time. I glance over towards my digital alarm clock and it states that it’s eleven O’clock. I check over to my kitten calendar which is pinned up against my lavender coated wall and I have something important to do today. I can tell because whenever I have something important to do, I circle it harshly in red biro-pen and write the event down in capital letters. My eyes widen in horror, and I remember that I have almost nothing to wear for this day. It’s the day that I have been haunted by Chloe for almost two weeks now. At this moment, my Iphone vibrates on top of my bedside table and she’s ringing. I quickly take the phone in my hand, instantly answering it.

      ‘Hello?’ I choke as I’ve only woken up. My voice sounds sore, but I need a glass of water. I can hear Chloe screaming excitedly in the speaker phone, damaging my ears away with it. I sigh, only just about managing to make a small warm smile. 

      ‘It’s today! We’re going to see them today!’ She squealed without making simple conversation. I mutter something underneath my breath that my mother would slap me for.


      I imagine that Chloe is grinning her face off, her jaw aching with joy and pleasure. Today is the day that I am going to see Starlight. I dread this day because I have to face Sean again. I force myself to get out of my comfort zone and walk down the stairs sluggishly to my mum. I am still on the phone call to Chloe, and my mother looks at me weirdly.

      ‘Mum, I have to see Starlight today.’ I inform her, and she smiles.

      ‘Would you like me to give you a lift? She offers, and I put Chloe on speaker phone as she asks us. Mum always offers me to get to places, but I think she’s pretty busy with all the house cleaning and all that jazz. I shake my head to the offer and give her a friendly smile.

      ‘But would I be able to borrow a few of your clothes?’ I suddenly ask her, and she just nods.

      ‘Sure, go ahead!’ She smiles.

I wave her goodbye and run back upstairs again, stuffing all my music stuff in my bag. I haven’t socialized in weeks, and I feel really awkward.

      The corner of my eye catches a glimpse of Sean’s note on my desk, and I stop immediately.

He’s going to be there.

      I’ve tried my best to avoid him, but sometimes I have to face my fears. And meeting Sean again is one of the worse.

      I walk steadily over towards the note and pick it up and dial the numbers into my phone. I’m too scared to call him so I send him a text.

I am going to see you perform, I was forced by my best friend.

After sending that message he immediately replies, and my heart skips a beat. I have never physically texted anyone other than Chloe or my parents. 

       Then Chloe's parents arrive outside my doorstep. 

I sigh, indulging myself in the haunting nightmare that i thought I'd never really have to do. 

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