one day

Two musicians find each other, their worlds are complete. Once they head of to universities, things are different, and something daunting happens that Rose will never forget.
Amazing Cover by Lily anna nightshade!


1. snow

Sometimes in life things aren’t always as simple or easy as it looks. I look side to side weakly as my mind is floating around subconsciously. I can’t feel anything in my hands, but perhaps that is because of the heating is off and outside is coated in pure white snow. There has to be at least four inches of snow burying the ground, acting like a blanket for the grass. Snow is pretty for a while, but once it melts it goes into a pale brown slush.

      My mum goes into the kitchen and flicks on the original vintage stereo. We’re all silent for a moment until the speaker forms us school’s closed due to the snow. My little brother Sammy, jumps out of his wooden seat, his blue eyes glistens with pure excitement and his cherry red lips parted as he squeals in delight.

     I turn towards my mum, she’s developing a grin at Sammy, and she walks over to kneel down and scoop him up in her arms, spinning him around in the air. My dad has already gone to the storage cupboard to obtain two baseball bats, a baseball glove, and a hard ball.

My dad’s wearing his favorite Christmas neck tie, the ones with the Christmas puddings blending in with the navy blue.  I remember one time Sammy asking my dad why he wears suits, because in his old photos he was always a rocker on stage with mum. It’s because dad works as a science teacher now, the Oxford University in London; which was in harry potter a few times.  

Sometimes on family occasions or bank holidays our family usually goes out sightseeing, or travelling. But because it’s a snow day we can’t really get to anywhere, so my dad decides to do something active and play baseball. Sammy is almost on the ground with excitement, pure adrenaline rushing through his body system.

But I can tell my dad’s only happy because of the university is closed, and that means no teaching annoying disrespectful teenagers.

My mother is an estate agent; she goes into town which is an hour away from our home, so she’s glad because she doesn’t have to travel that far in our cheap silver Volvo.

I glance back down, realizing I haven’t moved at all from my seat at the small round wooden dining table that’s rested up against the wall. My fountain pen is pressed down on a sheet of old paper, on a line where I was actually going to draw a note symbol.  I was intentionally writing a score for a movie, but I wasn’t actually going to publish it or anything. Because there’s no point, I’m not exactly the person who likes the fame and attention. Just then I find myself flinching as I feel my phone go off in my trouser pocket. I didn’t really have to check who it was, as I only talk to one person on there.

And that’s my best friend, Chloe. 

She’s prettier than me that’s the only thing that really the only thing I envy about her- and how clever she is. She’s more into the academic side of things in secondary school, whilst I’m more into the arts. Sandwich Technology School has an excellent arts programme, but I hope one day it’ll get me into an American university called Julliard. Chloe, on the other hand wants to go to Yale or M.I.T. She has perfect pale blemish free skin, mousy blonde hair that blends in with the winter season- and she knows how to look good. I know what she wants anyhow; she wants me to meet her in the cute little coffee shop we always go to on snow days.

     Chloe always orders those festive drinks; she’d only drink them because it brightens up her mood, which I am confused about, she always seems too happy to be down.

I glance outside to see it’s slowly snowing again, not the icy kind, but the soft kind. I smile at the weather, and I tuck all my music stuff into one pile and hold it close to my chest.  My heart is pounding nervously as I think about auditioning for Julliard. My parents are all in for it, but sometimes I don’t think it’s a good idea. I look over towards my mum, who’s back in the kitchen and wiping the sides after Sammy’s pancakes that had golden butterscotch syrup smothered over them.

     The best part about my mum is that she isn’t the boring kind of mum, as she was a rocker in her teenage years with dad; she tries to put us into rock music. Unfortunately, she didn’t do her best attempt with me as I’m into classical. Mozart to Edvard Grieg. My phone beeps at me again, stealing me away from my paradise in my head. My phone is ringing, and that means Chloe wants to speak to me. I swipe the answer button, and she’s laughing with excitement. I don’t have anything to be happy about, as selfish as it sounds- I really don’t. My family is all that matters to me.

     ‘Rose Hazel Ginning!’ She giggles in the speaker phone. Chloe and I have been friends since babies, my mum knew her mum from when they were rockers. Mrs Grace was my mother’s rock chick best friend, meaning if they went to those huge house parties they’d go together, almost do anything together. I smile as she says my name, and my mother looks at me as she Chloe talks through the phone. My mother’s eyes suddenly blink in surprise as if she has remembered something.

     ‘Tell Chloe to tell Alexis that we’re having a family barbecue on the weekend!’ She mouths and I nod at her before she leaves the kitchen.

     ‘Chloe Hazel Grace,’ I tease back, giggling quietly along with her. For a moment we’re laughing a long with each other as if we have some secret signal. This is completely normal for Chloe and i. whenever she calls me on the phone we always say our full names and giggle for a happy moment.

     ‘Up for some festive coffee?’ Chloe suggests, sighing in relief. I make a small mumble of agreement, and we arrange to meet up as soon as we hang up the call. I tuck my music stuff in my bag, it’s a back pack, but it seems too long to say what it really is. I move over to the living room, and I see my brother and my parents all dressed up in thick clothing as they’re ready to go outside. The living room as stayed the way it has, a cobblestone fire place with embarrassing family photos and school pictures leant up against the side; the floor is laminate golden brown oak. The windows are double French, and there are two which let out the pure light in. There are encouragement quotes pinned up against the creamy white walls, and the one I really like states ‘Theres a rainbow ride for you that only goes up,’. That quote was for Sammy for when he was just a baby, he suffered a lot with asthma, he still has it, but it’s not as bad as he’s a little older. The doctors say it’s a common thing for young children, but he’ll outgrow it. The opal shade curtains are folded up to let the white light come in to our living room. However, the flat screen television that’s pinned up above the fireplace isn’t on.

     I notice Sammy in his small yellow rain coat and red boots, jumping up and down like a little penguin.

     ‘Oh please, can we go now!’ He pleads, tugging onto mums burgundy coat whilst she buttons it up. Mum’s blonde hair is pinned up with a black clip, and she looks like an artist. That’s true, mum’s an artist, once when I was little, around Sammy’s age, I accidently walked in on my mum in her art studio and she was painting my dad nude. Unfortunately, that’s a memory I’ll never be able to unsee.

     ‘Mum,’ I state, to get her attention and she looks up. ‘Can I go and meet Chloe?’ I ask, she smiles at me blissfully and nods. I look up at dad, he looks as if he has a beer belly with all the coats and jumpers he has, and he’s got a rainbow coloured beanie on his head. He picks up Sammy out of the blue and rests him on his shoulders, twirling him around and making helicopter noises. I smile softly.

     ‘Of course, you remember the time you need to be back?’ She looks at me as if I am being tested, but she is barely containing her grin. I always remember what time I need to be back, because I don’t go out often. I nod and give my mum a hug, and then dad and Sammy at the same time.

     I notice Sammy jump down from dad’s shoulders, running towards the coffee table to retrieve back his mug, blowing it before devouring the hot cocoa.

I smile at my parents and pull over my black coat that has a fluffy hood I always liked and I snuggle into the fur, making sure I’m warm enough to go outside. I pull on my brown fluffy boots, and I run towards the door, swinging it open. The door matt that welcomes us in the house is covered in four inches of thick snow. It’s not icy at all, and I just run towards the coffee shop. It’s only a few minutes away, which is what I like about that place. I’m not a fan of restaurants, or those big posh places that provide us with free all you can eat salad bars. I’d be too clichéd as the other girls in my school. As we’re regular customers in the coffee shop they reserve a two seated table for us, and it’s tucked away in the far left corner against the huge windows so we can look where ever we want without being glared at or judged by. I pear through the coffee window shops, and she’s already there with a festive mug that has a traditional snow man with a red scarf and hat, and in front of her is my regular cup of coffee.

The owner notices me and gives me a small salute; he’s a bald tanned man from Turkey. I only ever see him in the same uniform, a yellow stained baggy white t-shirt with a white apron wrapped around his waist tied up and secured with two pieces of string. 

     I slowly push the glass doors open; there are not many people in here. There are a few foreigners but they’re not really doing anything that intrigues me. The floor is wooden oak, to match in with the cute little round tables. I look around the walls, and there are more encouragement quotes.

     I pull off my back pack, dropping it down effortlessly against the chair leg and I sit down in front of Chloe, gasping for air as I had been running all the way here. I am dreaded to know what my hair is like, but I haven’t really done much to it either.

     ‘I need another person, and that person who I have picked on is my best friend. She’s sitting right before me, and I need you.’ Chloe tries to hide her grin, but she’s failing really badly. She’s worn heavy eye shadow and eye liner, and she looks like Lily Collins almost- one of my favorite actresses. I rolled my eyes, grinning a long with her.

     ‘What is it this time?’ I ask, waiting for her proposal.

Chloe digs deep into her coat pocket, revealing two tickets. My jaw is dropped open, and I know what they are.

Concert tickets.

     ‘I have tickets to see Starlight,’ she beamed, pressing her tickets to her lips. Starlight was known almost anywhere; it’s an alternative rock band with a clichéd singer/guitarist that every single girl craves for. Hazel brown chopped up messy hair, black leather jackets and ripped skinny jeans- what’s not to like? His voice has a rough edgy tone to it when he sings, deep and alluring, he actually goes to our school, and he’s the popular guy- and even from Chloe’s experience, it’s difficult to impress him. I’m not a huge fan of alternative rock, but when I listen to his voice I just melt into a world of paradise. He helps me block out all my nightmares, and just listens to me.

     But I’m not sure whether I should want to see them live in person… I’m a very anti-social person that is pretty much isolated in school. I force myself to curve a proud smile, and I let out a small dry chuckle.

     ‘I would love to go,’ I start, feeling my palms go sweaty and uneasy. I grasp onto my coffee mug, taking a gulp out of it so I don’t seem so nervous. ‘But I’m not sure-’

     ‘Oh please don’t make an excuse, my mum only trust you…’ she interrupts, almost begging me before I can even protest. I think of my family, they won’t be home any time soon I suppose. Her eye brows are raised, and her mouth develops a pout, as if she was a begging puppy. I sigh in frustration, because I have no choice but to attend the concert. I jump up from out of my seat, pulling on my coat and bag, gazing down at Chloe.

     ‘Chloe, I’ll ask my mum. But I’m not guaranteeing anything,’ I reply, smiling softly. Chloe’s smile widens slightly in hope, but I am not so sure if I really can be bothered to go to the concert. Thinking back, my mother would probably force me to get out of the house once in a while- I might go because it’ll make her happy at least.


Arriving back home, my parents are back with Sammy. Their boots are straightened up against the door because they’re soaking wet and muddy. I find myself smiling because it’s in shoe size order. It’s probably my mother’s obsessive compulsive disorder, or she wants a tradition to be started. The snow is gradually melting into brown slush, and I can just about see the damp, soft mud on the ground. There isn’t any sign of greenery because of this weather. The opal green curtains are now closed, that means they’re probably watching a Disney film. I rummage through my coat pocket for my house key and let myself in and shut the door again. I can smell sausages that are cooking in the kitchen; they’re always pork sausages as they’re the cheapest ones we can get. Mum likes to save, but she’s mostly saving for my university funds. I walk over in our family room, and they’re watching finding nemo. Its Sammy’s favorite film, he grew up loving that film since he was a baby. My parents don’t notice me so I cough for attention. My father’s arms are draped around my mother’s shoulder, and they’re happy.

     ‘How’s Chloe?’ My mum asks, instead of asking how I am, which makes me feel a little unwanted. I nod at her to say that she’s alright; my hands are entwined together because I am still unsure whether I should ask about the concert tickets. But Chloe wants me to go, and I am the only person who can go with her.

     ‘She’s all good,’ I start, taking off my coat so I am in my purple fleece. ‘She’s offered me a ticket to go and see Starlight.’ I finish, my face flushing a deep scarlet red. She laughs angelically and my father kisses her on her cheek quickly and lovingly.

     ‘Of course you can go, you need to get out of the house some more.’ She grins, turning back to the television and Sammy laughs at the fishes arguing on the screen. For some reason my stomach churns with something negative, but I ignore it and head to the kitchen where I hang up my coat and bag next to Sammy’s school stuff. I notice that the beans on the stove had already been cooked, so I dish them up into four servings equally, along with the mash and sausages. I have a part of a chorus of one of the starlight songs in my head, because it’s describing how I am feeling at the moment.


The world is spinning around in chaos,

Whilst I’m stuck in time,

Will you be my side?

Holding me in innocent bliss…


I don’t know why I am feeling like this at the moment, perhaps I am lonely. But I know it’s because of the lack of socializing.


Dinner went usually the same, my mother makes a casual conversation and asks about how our days went and what happened with her day, my dad says something logically and then we sit in awkward silence at the table. The dishes are washed, and Sammy is being put to bed. I decide to go up to my room and lay down on my bed for a little while, slowly dozing off to sleep.




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