one day

Two musicians find each other, their worlds are complete. Once they head of to universities, things are different, and something daunting happens that Rose will never forget.
Amazing Cover by Lily anna nightshade!


2. Nerves


I decided to dress human today, but my outfit combination is plain. A grey jumper and denim jeans, I wasn’t going to a catwalk show. It’s around half eight in the morning, and Sammy has already gone back to primary school. Getting dressed I could hear him complaining and mumbling to mother about school, and for some reason he despises it. I know it’s normal to hate school, because it’s just crap. Sammy’s attitude towards learning is brilliant, and he’s doing so well. What I don’t get is why he’s so scared or worried about going back in. My dad put on his everyday black suit for his teaching job, and he didn’t seem at all impressed with going back to school again.

      Everyone’s mood about going back to school is the same, but for me I am pretty excited of going back. Don’t ask me why, I just have a feeling that something positive is going to happen. My mum is staying home to finish of her nude art painting of dad, which is a memory that I’ll never be able to get out of my head.

      Every day when I’m at school, I always meet up with Chloe first down by the coffee shop to get a takeaway coffee/festive drink and head off to school.

      She’s drinking the same one she ordered yesterday, taking small sips as she’s savoring the taste that’ll probably get her through the day.

      The weather is still appalling, but all the snow has melted and now it’s just hazardous wet, but at the moment it’s just small and pleasant showers. I’m glad that I’ve gotten a takeaway coffee, because I can feel the warmth burn against my cold skin and it makes the color go a redish pink.

      The school we go to is just like most things, right of the highway and easily found. It just looks like a block of flats, but it’s not. The bricks are a creamy maroon color, there are huge double doors that are always open during school hours, and there are different areas of the school in each building. The one that myself and Chloe go into is the creative arts department. However, we take very different subjects. I am into music, and Chloe is into art. Sometimes in the summer when Chloe is allowed to stay around, my mother always lets her practice painting with her expensive collection. She’d never let me use them as I don’t have that side of creativity in my body.

      ‘I just want this festive drink to last forever,’ Chloe sighs as she looks inside the empty cup of paradise. There is a nearby green recycling bin and she tosses it in the hole in one go. She is wearing heavy smoky eyes today, and everything black but with a wintery tone to it. We arrive at the school gates, and the groups and trends have already formed as we get here. There are the Goth’s in one side, the popular frat guys, the musician’s, people who eat their food with emotion and so on. I am my own group- with Chloe of course, and we’re the outcasts. Meaning, no one really notices us and if they do they’d pick on us. I sigh, facing towards Chloe as I know now that we are going to go to different rooms.

      ‘Make sure you survive this day,’ Chloe grins, giving me a hug and releases it in a few seconds. She always says that, I am not too sure why but I am thinking it’s because of the corridors. There are too many people to fit in this school, so we’re like traffic when it comes to corridors. There’s always only one way. 

      After we depart, I instantly head of to my music class. The corridors down here aren’t so bad as there aren’t many people who are interested within the music area. Of course people love music, but just not playing it themselves. I overheard once that the singer lead guitarist out of starlight did his own private classes around here, we see him in the corridors, but no one actually sees him in lessons. His name is Sean, Sean Davies. He’s in the year above me, but it appears that the majority of the girls who want him are in my year.

      I am now currently in my classroom, there aren’t many students taking the class I am in because it’s classical. Each class has their own genre to study from, and there is a range of them. We even have DJ courses here.

The black plastic chairs are formed in a horse shoe structure with music stands a few inches in front of each chair with a piece of music resting up against it. The room is bright and plain; just give of a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The black grand piano is in the middle of the room, waiting for my fingers to make them feel alive again. I am the first one here, and the door is unlocked so the teacher could be around here somewhere, or just popping out to do something before he has a class to teach. I make my way slowly to the piano, my hands tracing along the smooth shiny edges and they glide on to the white notes. I find my stomach filling up with butterflies, but I don’t know why I am nervous. Then I find myself playing in the hall of the mountain king which is originally performed by Edvard Grieg, and I am oblivious to my surroundings.

      Edvard Grieg has to be my favorite pianist, his music has been used in loads of films, but no one really notices.

      I am blown away by my own skill, but for some reason I am relaxed but a bit nerve wracking.

      ‘Hello?’ A deep rough voice manages to choke from behind me, and my face is heating up bright red. My palms are beginning to feel sweaty and uneasy, in an instant after I realize someone is watching me, sweat develops on my forehead line and I spin round instantly before I shut the piano lid with a tight slam. I know who he is. I can’t believe he is here. I glance up at his deep hazel eyes, and they’re glistening with something frightening but there is also lust within them.

      I cant find the right words to start a conversation with him.

      ‘Hi,’ I stutter, walking awkwardly and uncomfortably to the door, looking at the ground so I avoid his eyes. Sean stops me by placing his broad, strong hand on my shoulder and grasps it softly.

      ‘You were playing the piano?’ He asks, sounding amazed.

      I nod stiffly, keeping my eyes onto his black leather boots. My eyes widen in surprise as I hear him chuckle softly.

      ‘You’re talented,’ he says, getting out a piece of paper and jots something down.

I find myself looking up at him, curious to see what he is writing down on that piece of torn paper.

      ‘Thank you,’ I say bluntly, but I am feeling flattered.

Sean grins softly and folds the paper in half, sliding it into my trouser pocket as I shiver in delight, and then he just gazes at me. Or at least I hope he is.

      ‘Why are you staring at me like that?’ I suddenly blurt out, my cheeks flushing more redder and hotter at the minute.

      ‘Because you’re beautiful,’ he flashes a charming smile, and strikes a pose that every girl would instantly melt at their knees. I nod softly; he looks up at me and winks. I could just about detect that white light glistening in his pupils. Through the window of the door, I notice my best friend Chloe grinning in excitement as she watches, pointing at Sean as if she is having a panic attack.

      I suddenly click back to him as he starts to turn around to my direction and his eyebrows are raised in confusion.

      ‘Thank you, but I need to practice- I, you can’t be in here without a supervisor. You’re not part of this class,’ I suddenly say, which downs his mood. It wasn’t a lie that is a long standing rule for this class.  Once some girl let her boyfriend in to see her perform, but we all got the wrong idea and she ended up pregnant. Sean gazes down at me. He’s a head foot taller than me, and I feel like I am talking to a teacher. He nods and tells me to read the note, and I tell him that I will. He suddenly opens the door, looking weirdly at Chloe as she gives him a salute, and she runs into ambush me in a hug.

      ‘He was totally checking you out!’ She squeals in excitement. I don’t know whether I should tell her about the note to see what it says, but I can tell that she thinks something is going on. I shake my head to tell myself no.

      ‘He wasn’t, he was admiring my piano skills…’ I correct her, smiling weakly. Chloe arches her eyebrow.

      ‘Oh of course, that’s always the answer isn’t it?’ she states sarcastically, and I form an actual smile as I know she’s kidding, and I know she is barely containing her smile.

      ‘Oh please! Can I read the note with you?’ she begs, and I look up in surprise. She must have been here for the whole thing to see the note being passed on.

      ‘Wait a second-?’ I start to protest, but she’s already in my trouser pocket and has gotten the note. She unfolds it quickly and there are numbers on it.

      ‘He’s given you his number…’ she trails of in amazement, and I hold my stomach as it starts to churn with nerves again. 

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