Waking up with Amnesia

After Amnesia's sister dies her family moves to Australia, thinking that it would get their mind off of the... incident.


1. Prelude

Amnesia's POV

"NO, this isn't happening." That was the last thing I said before tumbling into ground from complete and utter shock, shes gone?

"I'm afraid so dear." My mom said helping me up.

This was probably the worst news I could get after today, the things that happened; my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend, Domenic, so I had planned a few things.but he broke up with me. LaterI saw him sucking face with that hoe-bag Sierra Shanon. Then I find out my sister has died.

"How, how did it happen

?" My mom gave a sympathetic "Aww baby, she went kablamm splat into the train station, what was left around of her hung around for a bit of the day, anyway organs donated, blood researched the usual." Mom, that's a little morbid, even for my tastes.

"Hmm? Sorry O spaced out for a bit. Anyway, congrats on being an only child!"

I knew that this was killing mom just as much as it was hurting me. But what was I going to say? "Yay! Now I'm that weird girl at school whose sister died, then I get to tell them all the gory details on how her body traveled to 59th street!"? No, not exactly the kind of thing you want.

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