Waking up with Amnesia

After Amnesia's sister dies her family moves to Australia, thinking that it would get their mind off of the... incident.


2. Good Bye

Amnesias POV

"Dammit, Dammit!" I couldn't believe it, I was moving? To Australia?! will my phone even work there?

We were leaving, and soon. Not five months soon, five DAYS soon. I ran to my room, box in hand, picking out my clothes from my drawers.

Five days later...

"Amnesia? Wake up, our plane leaves in three hours we got to go now." I woke up with my bed stripped, why wasn't I on my sheets or my blankets? Oh right there in Australia. Eww, Australia. On the bright side I bet there are some super hot guys there.

As we rode to the airport I saw the palm trees of California for the last time, are there Palm Trees in Australia? I saw my ex-boyfriends house and swear I saw that hoe-bag Sierra in Domenics shirt from the Nirvana concert we went to.

I saw the airport with the big letters LAX, I guess I'm really leaving California. Good-bye

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