Waking up with Amnesia

After Amnesia's sister dies her family moves to Australia, thinking that it would get their mind off of the... incident.


4. Australia

Amnesias POV

The plane ride, to say the least, was unbearable. There was an obnoxious child behind me who thought it was hilarious to kick my seat, yay. After 5 hours of this child we had a 45 minute layover.

I got bored so I decided to do some sketching. I took out my pencil and charcoal and started imagining a scene, the setting sun, shaded with what would be oranges and pinks but with my charcoal I shaded it with grays. Around the Sun I sketched a savannah of sorts, with curving trees and lengthy branches. Finally, being the hopeless romantic I am (not) I drew a couple with intertwining arms. But what next?

In the midst of my artists dilemma I hadn't noticed a guy come behind me. (Sketchy much?")

"Wow, your sketch is amazing, do you ever take lessons?" It came from a guy with an Australian accent , I turned around and he looked about my age, but much tanner.

"Oh thanks I don't, but I practice a lot. Do you do a lot of sketching yourself?" This is good, casual conversation. Is he going the same place I am? What if we go to the same school?! Oh my gosh that would be so cool! No, getting to excited.

"I actually don't do much sketching, I paint and use clay mostly, I just love art, not only its look but it all has a history. You know?" Wow, this guy is hot AND smart. I bet he has a girlfriend, whoever she is she is one lucky fucking duck.

"Oh, by the way I'm Luke, Luke Hemmings." Luke Hemming? I've heard that name before.

"Haven't I heard of that name? Aren't you in a band or something?" Now I feel like a bitch because I realized that that sounded super bitchy.

"Yeah, or something. We're called Five Seconds of Summer." He smiled looking proud, obviously expecting some sort of praise.

"Sorry, I don't think I've heard of your band. Will you sing one of your songs?" When I said that he nodded and started thinking about a song to sing.

"This is one Our band's been working on."

"She a straight A student, she speaks French,I think she's fluent. She study's hard in her room, at least that's what her parents think. She sneaks out the window to be with her boyfriend, here's what she said to me the night that I caught her, she said to me, forget what you saw, 'cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught." He panted out of breath, I smiled at him with a little flirty smile.

"Huh, anyway, I didn't hear your name."

"You didn't hear it because I never said it. But it's Amnesia, amnesia Calliat. I doubt you've heard of my band but-"

"Whoa, you're in a band? Thats sick, what're you called, will you sing me one of the songs?"

"Well, Im not technically in a band anymore. My bands back in California, and I think I might have been kicked out after my boyfriend, who's our drummer broke up with me. I just told you way to much, didn't I?" He laughed at bit and told me;

"Any guy would be lucky to have you, so that guys an idiot, and you may have told me a little bit to much." I remembered he asked me to sing him one of our songs.

"Okay, the band is called BECCA, the song is called Alive!.

Nothing I say comes out right, yeah I can't love without a fight, no one ever knows my name, when I pray for sun it rains, I'm so sick of wasting time, when nothing's moving in my mind, there's no time for it so yeah I won't feel sorry for me!! Yeah, I'm alive, I'm alive oh yeah, between the good and bad where you'll find me, reaching for heaven, I'm alive, I'm alive oh yeah."

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