The Tomlinson Twins

Hahaha, you thought one Louis Tomlinson was enough? Well what if I told you he has a twin sister, Christa Tomlinson.Their nickname is the Double Trouble Tommo Twins.So, if there is two Louis Tomlinsons, does that mean double the pranks? and double the fun? Find out in this Mmovellas!!


7. Chapter 7--Louis and Christa are kidnapped.

Harrys P.O.V
"Where are they?"Niall asked."Idk, This Is Us isn't that long!"I said."Well call Paul!"Zayn suggested."Okay, I call Paul."I said.(P-Paul M-Me)
M-Where are you guys.
P-We have a situation.
M-What is it Paul?
P-Louis William Tomlinson and Christa Marie Tomlinson have been kidnapped.
P-Calm down Harry, were putting you guys in hiding for awhile..
M-So, what does that mean,*Sarcasticness Now*Let me guess, your sending us all back to highschool or college?*Laugh*
P-Um, thats actually whats happening..
M-WHAT!! Please tell me, were all going to the same school.
P-No, your all going to different schools.Will talk about it more when i get back.
M-Fine, I will tell the boys.
I ended the call, and the boys all looked at me with worried faces."I am sorry boys, they've been kidnapped"I said, holding back tears."MY CHRISSY BEARS BEEN KIDNAPPED NO!!!!!!!!"Niall screamed."I mean, Christas been kidnaped Oh no!!"He corrected himself."Okay then, but whats going to happen?"Liam asked.."Were either all going to differrent colleges or highschools."I said."Oh great, I hated College"Zayn said."I didn't even finish Highschool!!"Niall said."Well Paul said he would talk about it more when he gets here."I said
Christas P.O.V
Where am I?Why am I wearing these girly ass clothes?I would never ever ever wear something this fricking girly.I looked up and I was in a classroom, on the chalkboard it said DETENTION in all caps. Great... I am in highschool.But wheres Louis?Where is my phone? Where is my Nialler?Where is Harry and Zayn and Liam?Where is my bodyguards?Oh great here comes someone."Well Hello, Ms.Tomlinson, nice get up today"She says."What am I doing here, and who are you?"I asked."Dont you remember me? Its Me, Mrs.Hemmings, your old Maths teacher"She said. Oh Great, this hell whole again.


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