The Tomlinson Twins

Hahaha, you thought one Louis Tomlinson was enough? Well what if I told you he has a twin sister, Christa Tomlinson.Their nickname is the Double Trouble Tommo Twins.So, if there is two Louis Tomlinsons, does that mean double the pranks? and double the fun? Find out in this Mmovellas!!


5. Chapter 5-------Going out with The boys.

Christas P.O.V
"Lou"I said nearly falling over,"How do you even walk in these things!!!"."I dont know baby girl! Your a girl after all, me I am just a manly man"Louis said showing his 'real' muscles."Hmm I dont see anything but fat and bones on those arms"I said nearly cracking up."I will get you for that soon, baby girl"He said, knowing that I should not run in heels.I got my make up on and fixed my hair. I straightened my hair, and brushed my teeth, and made sure i had stockings on."I am only doing this for you Lou, and besides, they know I am a fashion designer so."I said."Well yeah so they expect you to dress up"Louis said.Okay,so I have it all figured it out.I act like I am great and stuff.(OUTFIT Then, I kiss Niall.(Louis does not know about this part)Then a bunch of other stuff.
*Time skip to Dinner*
"Boys!!! Lovely to see you again!!!"I said running up to them.They all looked shocked,oh I didn't know the 5SOS Boys were going to be here. Hmm, interesting."So where are you boys taking me tonight for dinner?"I asked."Oh Niall picked it out, were going to be going to Apple Bees"Zayn said."Oh nice"I said. God I hated appe bees.I yelped, because I almost fell but Niall helped me."Thank you Nialler"I said."No Problem Chrissy Marie"He said, and at that moment I almost kissed Niall.Until we both heard someone,"Hey are you two love birds going to get in the Lift, I mean Elevator"Harry said."Lift, Elevator same thing"Louis said."Oh Chrissy, I hope you don't mind, but were meeting some of our girlfriends there"Liam said."Wait, Danielle is coming?"Niall asked."Liam,whats Danielles last name again?"Louis asked."Peazer why?"Liam asked."Oh no reason"Louis said, while giving me a worried look.Me and Niall entered the Lift and I whispered something in Nialls ear."Niall, give me your sunglasses"I whispered."Why?"Niall whispered."I need them so I can hide from Danielle"I whispered."Why?"He whispered."Long story,just give em."I whispered.He handed me his sunglasses then,he pulled another out."I always keep a spare"He said."Now we can be matching my little Prince"I whispered."I love to match with you my little Princess"He whispered.We walked out and fans were screaming.Ah, I think I am going to get used to this.We finally got to Apple Bees, and I saw the devil herself.Danielle Peazer, the girl who kicked me 4 years ago, right before the X-Factor Ugh, she disgusts me."Hi Danielle, this is Chrissy Marie, the NYC Victoria Secret Fashion Designer."Liam said."Pleasure to meet you, so tell me sweet heart, what do you,because it obviously doesn't have to do with fashion."I said innocently."Oh I am a dancer on the British X-Factor"Danielle said."Thats Lovely"I said wanting to barf,"Come tell me more"I said. As we walked in Pt.1 of my Plan, Diva time."Oh Louis take my coat,Liam take my hat,Harry take my gloves,Zayn take my coat, and Niall please give me my crown please."I said."Yes Madam Marie"They said.This is going as plan, perfect."Oh Chrissy, this is Eleanor my girlfriend"Louis said."Its so nice to meet you El"I said, as I hugged her."Nice to meet you Marie"She said."No Maries my middle name, please call me Chrissy"I said."Now Chrissy, this is my girlfriend Perrie,Perrie this is Chrissy"Zayn said."Hi Chrissy!!! Were going to be the best of friends I know it"Pezz said."Hi Your so nice!!!"I said while hugging her.We sat down and started ordering,and I ordered the most expensive dish.Oh I forgot to mention,I am wearing regular stuff underneath, so when I am ready to blow my cover I can run to the bathroom and change.Louis is hiding the hat,Nialls hiding the shoes, and Liam is hiding the jacket."Okay, how about desserts guys?"Danielle asked."Sure me and niall would love some"I said."Yeah"Niall agreed."Um excuse us, we have to go do something real quick."I said, grabbing Nialls hand.Also, signalling the boys to come over."Its time, gather your things and hand em over."I said.They quickly all handed over the stuff, and I started changing.(Other outfit:,done. I took off the rest of the fricking make up, and uncovered my tattoo .Then we walked out and they all looked like they were going to break down into tears, except Perrie,Danielle, and 5SOS.Danielle looked like she wanted to tear me limb from limb."CHRISTA YOUR BACK!!!"Hazza yelled."Thats right Hazza, I am back!!!"I said while jumping in his arms."Chrissy Bear!!!!!"Zayn yelled."It really is you!"He yelled."Yep thats right!!! I am back, your little sister is back"I said, while Hazza passed me to Zaynie.(They're not brother and sister, they have a brother and sister relationship, they all do except, Niall and Christa).Then I got passed to El."Hiya El, Im your new sissy for awhile"I said while hugging her."I loved ya since Louis told me about ya!"She said.Then it all came down to Danielle.Christa vs. Danielle.
*The Fight Time*
"Well well bitch, never thought I would see your face ever again"I spat."Well Tomlinson, you have grew a pair I see, to stand up to moi"She said."Woah, you learned a second language.I have learned multiple"I said."Vous obtenez botter le cul maintenant Tomlinson"(You're are going to get your ass kicked Tomlinson)Danielle said."Sí, claro, traerlo."(Yeah right,bring it)I said."Lassen Sie uns Wrestle großes Mädchen, da Sie glauben, Ihr hart"(Let's Wrestle big girl, because you think your tough).We started pulling hair and ripping eachothers piercings out.I went under her and stood up and gave her a wedgie. She screamed and I laughed.I kicked her in the stomach, then passed out.Thats when I realised I did drink a lot.

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