The Tomlinson Twins

Hahaha, you thought one Louis Tomlinson was enough? Well what if I told you he has a twin sister, Christa Tomlinson.Their nickname is the Double Trouble Tommo Twins.So, if there is two Louis Tomlinsons, does that mean double the pranks? and double the fun? Find out in this Mmovellas!!


4. Chapter 4------ Meeting up with Liam

Christas P.O.V
So, Liam, the sensible one in the group, thinks I am Louis' long lost twin sister. Haha, I don't think so. I mean we have the same last name and everything, but my brother died in a car accident so or at least that's what I remember, so exactly he can't be my twin.So I am going to get dressed.(outfit link Nothing fancy, just my casual wear, and if me and Louis are twins, which we are not, then we probably dress the same, but yeah were not twins so.Well, time to leave.
*Time skip to Liams*
I gotta ring this doorbell,nobody can see me here. Ugh, this is so stressful, why does this have to happen. Oh no, here comes Niall, and Liam is about to answer. Oh no, oh no."Hey Christa Marie"Liam said."Wait Christa Marie, Oh my lord"Niall said."Wait what, Niall quickly get in here."Liam said. We all rushed in the room."Okay, so Niall, you may be upset when I tell you this, but this is Louis' Long Lost twin sister Christa, remember?"Liam said."Yeah,"Niall said."But she doesn't believe me"Liam said."Well I kinda believe you" I said."Really?"Liam and Niall asked excitedly."Well yeah, because I am British, and I have the same accent as him so,"I said."Well you do dress the same as him, and what I can smell you both don't wear socks"Niall said.We just laughed until I heard someone at the door."Payno I need to talk to you"Louis said through the door."Quick Christa, hide in the closet"Niall whispered.I ran into the closet, and  shut the door behind me."Come in Tommo"Liam said.*Outside the closet P.o.v* Louis walked in."Hey Nialler, hey Payno what are you up to, want to go outside and play some Football"Louis asked."Sure,but first, can we talk?"Liam asked. "Yeah,shoot"Louis said."Alright, you know Chrissy Marie, I think she is Christa Marie Tomlinson"Liam said."I know she is my sister, but I know she doesn't remember me."Lou said."Christa, come out here please"Liam said.As I walked out, I started tearing up. After 20 mins in that closet I remembered my past.I started to remember them."Oh Nialler, now I remember!!"I yelled as I ran and hugged Niall."I missed you to Princess"He said."Oh Lou Lou, I loved you and missed you!"I said as I ran and jumped into his arms."I missed you to baby girl"He said."So what are we gonna tell the others?"I asked."Nothing lets suprise them"Louis said."Agreed"Liam and Nialler said..

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