In my dreams

Sara meets him in her dreams. She knows he's not real, but is he?

Sara is your average Junior in high school, who practically lives in the library, seen as the school nerd shes never noticed, but when her dream guy comes to town will she be able to step into the spotlight? Or will she run back to the library where it's safe?


1. 1. Dream


I feel the breeze ruffle my hair as I gaze at the horizon. Rows of cherry bushes

and apple trees glisten from the recent rainfall. I smell the morning dew as I run my fingers

along the white fences outlining the land beyond me. I see horses running, ducks 

and their chicks in the pond. Toads croaking, birds chirping, the sound of nature

all around me filling my new born spirit with life. 


I smile as I start to skip towards the fields of flowers, excitement thrives

through me, I start to run feeling the wind sweep my hair aside. 

I laugh as I jump into the flowers, the beds cushioning my fall, I close my 

eyes and take in my surroundings, drinking in the sounds and smells 

around me. The perfume of the flowers, the rush of water, and...


I open my eyes and sit up, and look at my surroundings. Everything is still

no birds chirping, toads croaking, trees swaying in the wind, and I see why. 


He's standing yards away with his back to me and his hand caressing the

horse's mane,telling them he is a friend, for them not to be afraid.

I gasp before I realize I have been holding my breath.

He hears me and starts to turn, but I wake up.


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