Part Of Your World

Christie Levi is a normal kid stuck in the foster system, at least that's what she thought.
Her mom died when she was only seven. She never knew her dad. Ten years after the death of her mother, ten years of being in the system, her entire world changes when she gets checked out of her hellish school by two rather frightening men in jet black suits, claiming to be her family, and hunters of the supernatural.

'Sup Bitches!
Supernatural Fanfiction!


9. Chapter 9.

"Stay in the car." Dean ordered, closing the door, and pointing to Christie though the open window.

"What? You said I could come with you!" Christie protested, opening the door. Dean closed it before she could climb out. "Yeah, I did, but I never said you were gonna come inside." He smirked. Christie huffed, leaning back in her seat.

"Fine." she grumbled. Sam had stayed at the hotel, trying to dry the forest of hair on his head, so Dean was going inside alone.

Dean nodded, and walked across the parking lot, and entered the building. When he was out of sight, Christie grabbed her bag, and opened the door of the Impala. She climbed out, shutting the door behind her, and hurried up the steps of the morgue. She entered the building, and snuck up behind Dean. He pulled his fake badge out of his jacket, and flashed it at the lady behind the desk. She was blonde, with a beauty mark above her right eye, and seemed to be in about her mid thirties.

"I'm agent Banner. I'm here to see the body of the man that drowned?" 

The woman nodded, "Alright, and her?" she glanced at Christie. Dean turned with a look of surprise on his face, and when he spotted Christie, it quickly morphed into a glare. He turned back to the lady.

"This is my daughter. It's bring your kid to work day at the agency, and Christie here wants to go into the family business." Dean said, "Is it alright if I show her around?"

The woman smiled, "Of course."


"I can't believe you! I told you to stay in the car!" Dean said, when they were out of earshot of the woman.

"Well, I can't believe you expected me to actually do what you say." Christie replied, smirking. She yelped as Dean grabbed her arm, and pinned it against the wall above her head. He leaned in close.

"Look, kid. If you're going to ride with Sam and I, we're gonna have to set some ground rules.  

One: Always follow orders. This job is dangerous, and Sam and I are the experts. If we tell you to do something, it's because we're trying to keep you from getting seriously hurt.

Rule two: Don't go looking for trouble. That's pretty self-explanatory.

Three: Never go anywhere alone. If we have to split up, you'll either go with Sam or me.

And four: Don't trust anyone. Sam and I have failed to follow this rule multiple times, and we paid for it. You never know who could be a monster. Got it?" Dean asked. Christie nodded.

"Good," he let go of her arm, "Now, let's go steal us a bone."


"Gross." Christie moaned, as Dean pulled the swollen body out of the cold chamber. Dean grinned at her.

"If you think that's gross, you should've seen some other bodies I've looked at. Man, that one with the-"

"I don't want to hear it!" Christie yelped, clamping her hands over her ears. Dean chuckled, and glanced at the door. "Go stand watch."

"What? I don't want-"

"Rule one?" Dean turned to her, irritated. Christie rolled her eyes, and went out into the hall. She slid down to the floor in the hallway, and waited for Dean to finish sawing off the guy's arm. 

Christie glanced up as she heard the clicking of high heels coming down the hall. She turned to see the lady from the front desk turn the corner and start walking her way. Christie stood up, panicked. If that lady went into the room, she would find Dean dismembering the body and he would surely be thrown in jail.

"Hey," Christie said, rushing over to the lady. The woman stopped, and looked at her in surprise.

"Excuse me, miss, but where did your father go? I would like to ask him a few questions."  The woman asked, trying to walk around her. Christie stepped into her path.

"He's busy...examining the teeth marks on the body." Christie lied. Well, it's not a complete lie, she thought. 

"Oh, well, maybe I could help him-"

"No!" Christie yelped. The lady looked at her in surprise. "He needs absolute silence to concentrate. But, would you mind giving me a tour of the building? I've always been fascinated by crime scenes and the like, you know?" 

The woman nodded, "I suppose.....follow me."

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