Part Of Your World

Christie Levi is a normal kid stuck in the foster system, at least that's what she thought.
Her mom died when she was only seven. She never knew her dad. Ten years after the death of her mother, ten years of being in the system, her entire world changes when she gets checked out of her hellish school by two rather frightening men in jet black suits, claiming to be her family, and hunters of the supernatural.

'Sup Bitches!
Supernatural Fanfiction!


7. Chapter 7.

"Yeah, thanks Bobby. Will you let us know what you find as soon as you can? Okay thanks." Dean hung up the phone. 

"Who's Bobby?" Christie asked, not taking her eyes off her computer.

"Family friend," Sam answered, shrugging on a jacket. He was still wearing the suit from earlier that day.

"Where are you going?" Dean asked him, raising an eyebrow. "I am going to go meet with Dana." Sam straightened his tie, "She wants to show me where Charles disappeared."

"Wait, you're going to go alone?" Dean asked. Sam looked at him. "Yeah, why not?"

"What if the monster attacks? We have no idea what it is!" Dean protested.

"Maybe I'll draw it out and get a good look at it." Sam replied.

"Well, if that's the case, it's going after good-looking men….So I'm the only one it'll go after." Dean smirked. Sam rolled his eyes. "I'm going. You can stay here and get some Daddy-Daughter time." Sam smirked, as Dean's smile was wiped off his face, "You can play dress up, or have a tea party."  Christie rolled her eyes, "As if." she scoffed. 

Sam laughed, "Or not. I'll be back soon." and he left.

Dean sighed, then glanced at Christie. He frowned, "Hey, you have a button unbuttoned." He said, pointing at her shirt. Christie glanced down, "Oh," she fixed the button, and looked back at the screen. Dean frowned.

"Hey, where'd you get that shirt?" Dean sat down on the bed across from her.

"I don't really know. I've always had it. My mom gave it to me, but I don't know where she got it." Christie shrugged, looking up at him.

Dean frowned, deep in thought. "Uh huh….by any chance, is DW written on the tag?" 

Christie blinked, "Yeah….why?"

Dean stood up, deep in thought. "Wonder why she kept it?" he muttered to himself.

"Why'd who keep what? What are you even talking about?" Christie asked, confused.

"You said your mom gave you that shirt?" Dean asked. Christie nodded. "That used to be my shirt. I forgot it at your mom's house, and I never got it back….."

"Wait…'re saying my favorite shirt used to be yours? Fantastic…." Christie muttered the last part, "But what about the W? What does that stand for?"

"Winchester." Dean answered.

"Like the gun?" 

He nodded.

"Your last name is Winchester?" Christie cocked her head to the side.

"Yeah. That's your favorite shirt?" Dean asked.

Christie nodded, blushing slightly, "I feel… in it. It's one of the last things I have from my mother, besides her necklace." 

Dean glanced down at her necklace. "I remember that. She used to wear it all the time." Christie's fingers automatically went to the charm, a silver heart locket.

"I could never get it open…" She muttered.

"Let me see." Dean said, holding out his hand. Reluctantly, Christie took the necklace off, and handed it to him. He took out a pocket knife. "Woah, what are you doing?" Christie asked, panicked.

"Relax, I'm not gonna break it. I'm gonna pry it open." He said, and took the edge of the knife, and wedged it between the two halves of the locket. It popped open with a click, and Dean looked down into it. He sucked in a breath.

"What?" Christie asked, alarmed. Dean handed her back the locket, and she looked inside. One one side of the heart, there was an engraving;


On the other side here was a picture of her mother, when she was younger, obviously nineteen. Beside her, there was a boy, the same age, with short brown hair and green eyes.


"You're kidding me." Christie muttered, "I've wondered pretty much my whole life who the asshat that abandoned me and my mother was, and your picture was here the whole time."

"Christie, I didn't-"

"I know." Christie interrupted, "You didn't know about me. But why did you leave my mom?"

Dean sighed. "Chris…..this job…..we go all across the country, hunting monsters. We never stay in one place for very long. I wasn't planning on dating your mother. It just….happened. And when the job was over……I had to leave, and save more people," he glanced up at Christie, "Did your mom say that I abandoned you?"

Christie shook her head. "I came up with that on my own. When my mom died….I thought that my dad would come and save me. She always talked about you as this great heroic person when I was little. So, when you never came…..I assumed you had abandoned me." Christie shrugged.

"How old were you?" Dean asked quietly, "When she died?"


"How did it happen?"

Christie squeezed her eyes shut. "I'm not entirely sure…..I thought I was imagining things….but based on your job…"

"She was killed by a monster?" Dean asked. Christie shrugged, "I was little. I always thought it was my overactive imagination. The doctor said trauma.... I don't know! Can we please stop talking about it?" Christie whispered.

"Sure." Dean replied quietly.

Then, the phone rang. Dean picked up the phone.


"DEAN! THE MONSTER…..IT'S DANA…." Sam yelled.

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