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Christie Levi is a normal kid stuck in the foster system, at least that's what she thought.
Her mom died when she was only seven. She never knew her dad. Ten years after the death of her mother, ten years of being in the system, her entire world changes when she gets checked out of her hellish school by two rather frightening men in jet black suits, claiming to be her family, and hunters of the supernatural.

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Supernatural Fanfiction!


19. Chapter 19.

Dean pulled the Impala around the corner of the ally, where Sam and Christie were waiting for him. He backed it up, and then cut the engine. Sam popped the trunk open, then lifted Dana, and dropped her inside.

"Shouldn't we tie her up in case she wakes up?" Christie suggested, raising an eyebrow. Sam glanced at her, then nodded, "I suppose." Christie walked to the front of the Impala and leaned against the driver's side. A thought occurred to her.

"I'm so stupid!" She muttered, reaching into her boot, "I had a dagger the whole time I was fighting that bitch. I could have used it!" She searched both boots for the dagger, but got no results. Dean rubbed his neck sheepishly.

"About that….." he drew the dagger from his jacket and handed it to her. 

"You took it back?" Christie asked, confused. 

 "While you were knocked out. Just in case the potion didn't work and you were still loco. I figured it was best you weren't armed….." 

Sam shouted from the trunk, and Christie turned to see him crashing to the ground and the mermaid standing up. Dana glared at her, then took off running.  

"Sam!" Dean yelled, opening the door and rushing out to help him to his feet. 

Christie looked down at the dagger in her hand, then glanced at the bone and jar of lamb's blood in the seat.

"Son of a bitch!" Dean cursed, helping Sam up, "That is one slippery fish." 

"Yeah, "Sam groaned, rubbing his knee.

"Hey, Chris, hand me the bone, would ya?" Dean asked, glancing at the front of the Impala. he did a double take when he noticed that Christie had disappeared. 

"Chris?" Dean called, walking to the front. He looked inside the open window. 

The bone and lamb's blood were gone, and Christie's dagger lay on the seat in their place.




Christie raced down the street after the mermaid. She got a few odd looks from passerby's, but she ignored them and focused on finding Dana. After scanning the crowd, she spotted a flash of blonde hair and she sprinted after it.

Dana took off running down another alley, and Christie, once again, followed her down it. When they reached a dead end, Dana grinned at her.

"Here we are again." She hissed. 

"Shut up," Christie rolled her eyes, and slashed at her with the bone. Dana dodged the weapon, and her claws raked down Christie's arm. Christie gasped, and yanked her arm back.

"So brave…." Dana purred, "Just like your mother in her final moments." She ducked as Christie slashed at her again. Christie faltered at her words. 

"My mother……?" Christie asked, confused.

"You know, your father has killed a lot of monsters…..plenty of us would have loved a chance at revenge. Of course, trying to kill him would be a suicide mission, but his daughter……that would be easy." she gave a sickening grin. 

Christie felt sick to her stomach.

"That vampire….that night…..he was after me? Not my mom?" 

"He planned on breaking into your room, killing you, and leaving you for your mother to find. She then, of course, would have called Dean, then the vampire was going to kill her as soon as she hug up, and Dean would have rushed back, and found the daughter he never knew…..dead." Dana said gleefully, "Unfortunately, your mother woke up and attacked the vampire. He killed her, but had to flee before the neighbors came because of her screams. You disappeared into the foster system, until that old man Bobby heard about you somehow, and told Dean. And here we are….." She spread her arms out widely, "And I get the privilege of offing you." She cackled madly.

Christie had heard enough. "Not today, Bitch." She said, and stabbed the bone into Dana's chest.

Dana gasped, and looked down at her chest in shock. She slowly sunk down to the ground, then the light left her eyes. Christie pulled the bone from the corpse's chest, and looked down coldly at Dana for a moment, then walked back down the alleyway.



Wow! One more chapter! Eek! We so excited for all of your reactions to the ending of this story AND a sequel *wink wink* that will be appearing in the near future!

-Fangirling Expert and Fight The Fairies

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