Part Of Your World

Christie Levi is a normal kid stuck in the foster system, at least that's what she thought.
Her mom died when she was only seven. She never knew her dad. Ten years after the death of her mother, ten years of being in the system, her entire world changes when she gets checked out of her hellish school by two rather frightening men in jet black suits, claiming to be her family, and hunters of the supernatural.

'Sup Bitches!
Supernatural Fanfiction!


1. Chapter 1.

 'Authorities have identified the body that was found on Wednesday in Nantahala Lake, Riverdale, Utah as Walter Halton, age 32. 'We were meeting there for a date,' his girlfriend, Amanda Graham, told authorities, 'I forgot something in my car, so I left for a minute, and when I came back…..he was gone.' Authorities say that parts of his body were eaten, an-'


The chiming of the intercom interrupted Christie's reading. "Mrs. Parker?" a lady's voice asked. Mrs. Parker, the elderly English teacher whose class Christie was in right now, was hard of hearing, so she didn't answer immediately. She squinted at the class from behind her thick glasses. "Who is talking? I said no talking!"

"Mrs. Parker, please send Christie Levi to the front office for checkout." the woman continued, ignoring the old woman's screeching.

Christie sighed, and closed her laptop. She packed her doodled upon binder, sharpies, and laptop, and slung it onto her shoulder.

"Mrs. Parker, I'm being checked out," Christie informed her. Mrs. Parker squinted at her.

"What?" she asked, turning her better ear towards Christie. 

"I'm being checked out!" Christie repeated, emphazing her words. She then adjusted her bag, and left the classroom. 

She walked down the thick hallway, her footsteps echoing off the barren walls. The journey was short, and she reached the office quickly. 

She pushed open the door, and entered the room. She looked around the office for her evil foster mother, but nobody was there.

"Christie?" a deep voice asked. She turned around, to be faced with a giant of a man. He had broad shoulders, long shaggy hair, and was at least two feet taller than her. He wore a black suit, with a striped blue tie. "I need you to come with me."




Christie crossed her arms. "What for?" she asked suspiciously, "Who are you?"

"I'm with the FBI and it's really important that you come with me," the man repeated, "I can take you to your father." 

Christie blinked, then burst out laughing. The man stared at her emotionlessly. After she calmed down, Christie wiped at her eyes.

"Oh that's a good one," she sighed.

"I'm being serious," the man insisted, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. Christie looked up at him, with a raised eyebrow.

"I never knew my father, why would I want to see him?"

"He had no clue you even existed, Christie. That's not his fault. Can you at least talk to him?" the man asked. He looked at her with almost pleading eyes, reminding her of a puppy. Finally, she caved.

Christie sighed, "Alright, fine I'll talk to him. But only for a minute," The man nodded, "Good. I'm Sam, by the way," he muttered to Christie as he walked out of the office, with Christie following.

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