Make it in America

Skylar Mae Roberts is on her first ever world tour. She soon realises that the tough life of being a famous singer isn't easy. Cause when she decide to bring the small garage band 5 Seconds Of Summer as an opening act, the media goes crazy. Rumors of her dating a certain member of the band roames through the social media. The thing is.....
We all know that: What gets to the fans isn't always the truth.!


2. Chapter 2: Make it in America

Chapter 2: Make it in America



“ 5 minutes till showtime” My personal organizer and manager Colin who also happened to be my best friend, announced peaking inside the backstage room.


I’m Skylar Mae Roberts.

Yes, the Skylar Mae Roberts.


I’m 18 years old and moved to Los Angeles 2 years ago, to chase my dream of being a singer.

Let´s just say that I did ‘ Make it in America.’

My family lives in Australia and i’m currently traveling the world, because of my worldwide tour.

I have to admit that I miss my family and Aussie but I have Colin that is like a brother to me, and of course i’m so grateful that I got this opportunity.

Oh yea, and the fans of course. I remember being the 12 year old girl in my room in Australia being fan of all the girls in the tv and the singers in the radio.

And who knew.

I’m here now.!

“ 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ,5 ,4 ,3 ,2,1” I ran on stage as I heard the raw from the crowd.

I’ll never get tired of this!

“ Good evening everyone! “ I yelled into the mic getting thousands of screams in return.

It felt like electricity that floated like a huge wave through the entire stadium. 


“ Good work today” Colin assured as I left the stage.

I could still hear the raw from the crowd.

“ Thanks Colin” I smiled as I caught the water bottle he threw in my direction, opening it and taking a quick sip of it.

“ I actually have some important  business to talk to you about.”  He told as he nodded his head in the direction of the couch signalling for me to sit.

I moved and sat down, slightly bending down to take of my stilettos - those things were killing me! - while keeping my eyes focused on him, assuring him that I was paying attention.

“ So because of the size of your audience that shows up, I think it’s time for you to get an opening act.” He smiled widely. He obviously had been waiting for this.

To be honest I liked the thought of an opening act. It sounded fun and giving someone not famous the chance to grow bigger.

“ I’m listening” I mumbled trying to show my interest.

“ So basically I’ve been looking through the internet, Youtube to be exact,” he told grabbing some papers from some drawers near by, “ First option is a boy from Florida. He mainly focus on rap and R&B….. And to be completely honest I do not think he fits to your style of music.” 

I nodded my head in agreement. I had never really got the whole ‘ Rap’ thing. I know a lot people appreciate it a lot but I’m just not one of them.

“ Option number two is a Canadian group of girls called ‘Autumn’ they mainly focus on pop, rhythm  & acapella music.” He continued.

Could work… but then on the other hand?! Having a group of girls hanging around backstage all the time. And Oh God when drama comes up.!

God no. Just no!

“ Option number three?” I asked, wanting him to go on.

“ This is the last one I brought so if you don’t like this one I’ll have to go back and research.” He informed, I nodded my head impatiently.

I mean. I just got off the scene and I just want to take a shower… Is that to much to ask.

“ They are called ‘5 Seconds Of Summer’ and they are from Sydney just like you.”

I smiled at the thought of Australia. I would soon have to go back and visit my friends and family.


“ There is four members of the band. Guitar and vocalist Luke, guitar and vocalist Michael, drummer and vocalist Ashton and bassist and vocalist Calum….” 

 My head snapped up at the name of Calum.

“ Calum? Calum what? Do you know his last name?” 

My best friend through kindergarten and until I was around 13 Calum Hood had always played the bass since he was old enough to lift it. But sadly I lost the contact to him when he moved school to go to North West, where he probably got some new friends.


My eyes didn’t leave Colin as he looked though some more papers.

“ Errr Calum Hood I think”

A wide smile spread across my face as started to get an idea.

I had a childhood friend to surprise.

“ Colin. Can you possibly book me a plane ticket on the next flight to Sydney. I have a band to hire!” 





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