Egypt: The Magic and the Mythology

Just some of the basics of Egyptian mythology.


5. Rituals and Prayer

Most worshipping rituals were conducted by cult members. However, the common people could still worship the gods in their own way. They provided offerings at temples, bringing food, incense, jewelry, and other items. Some also brought figurines that represented a god or goddess in some way. Other visitors bore texts that had requests for favors from the gods, or thanks for granted requests. Common citizens also claimed to have access to the gods through their dreams. Egyptians believed that a sleeper briefly inhabited the world in which the gods resided. There are various records that describe the dreams that pharaohs claimed to have involving communication with the gods.  There are also magical texts that explain the meanings of different dreams. Egyptian gods were also perceived by scents, sounds, and other senses. Even the wind could be thought of as the breath of a god. Temple paintings often depicted large pairs of ears to represent divine hearing. This was meant to ensure that prayers would be heard.

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