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2. meeting the guy of your dreams

"Oh shit" you mumble under under your breath you just realised you left you cellphone on the counter in the coffee shop so you walk back in not paying any attention to what you are doing and SMACK!! You just ran into none other than Ashton Irwin you say to yourself (omg it's Ashton Fucking Irwin from 5 Seconds Of Summer) "sorry about that sir" you say he looks at you and says "no problem beautiful" you stand there with a big ass smile on your face. You turn around to walk away "wait" you hear that Aussies accent in your ears "can I take you out sometime" he asked with a half smile on his face. You can tell he's nervous so you looked at him and said "I'd love to" "wonderful" I'll meet you here at 8pm, just remember one thing I will be in a blue shirt" he said "here is my number so you can call if you get lost" he walks out and you say "see you tonight Ashton" and you walk back to your brothers work with the biggest smile in the world.

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