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1. life sucks

"Fuck you Andrew you're such a dick!!" You scream at your now ex boyfriend Andrew "wait" he says "it's not what you think" "it's not, I caught you sleeping with my neighbour so it is what I think you're such a dick I fucking hate you!!" You walk away not listening to him scream your name. You walked into the gun shop where your older brother worked. As it is you already have to live with your brother cause your parents were big into drugs and he didn't think you were safe "Cameron" you cry as you hope and pray your brother will hear you " is everything ok Ms.Dallas" Bethany the cashier (also your brothers girlfriend) "no I need to speak to my brother" Beth walks back and gets Cameron

"Is everything ok (y/n)?" He asked looking worried. "No" you say crying "what is wrong sis" Cam asked a little more worried this time "Andrew cheated on me with our neighbour Lucy McDaniels" Cameron hugs you "Do you want me to kill him?" "No" you said looking at your brother shocked and surprised "I don't want you going to jail and if you did Beth would hold it against me for the rest I my life" "they can't prove I did anything if the can't find any evidence" Cameron said looking serious "no Cam, it's fine can I have some money so I can go shopping to relax myself a little" "here" Cam hands you the debit card "don't be out past 10:00" he said "also keep your phone at all times" "ok thanks Cam" you give your brother a hug and walk out of the store "bye you spoiled little money hungry whore" you heard Beth say as you walk out of the store as you get out the door you hear your brother and Beth fighting.

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