the haunted school

James is starting a new school but what happens when his idol and role modal goes to his school zayn magic but the school is haunted and the whole class are aliens what will the boys do will they survive


2. will they survive

they got on the school bus now that was scary  at least its  safe hear the driver stopped oh no your not he said. Wait what are you dong hear meet me by the gate tomorrow morning at 8 am OK boys  no we will not why shod we yelled James shore  8 am sharp boys he laughed zayn what did you do that for. he will kill us no he wont. it was 8 am the next morning the teacher was waiting for them but they where not their suddenly he saw 2 people walking towards him hear they are he said morning morning sir said zayn morning James morning OK you will be dead by the end of the school that's all Im going to tell you today. They where really frighted   they walked in morning they saw writing on the board good luck today boys . screamed what is happening the lights flicked James screamed  the lights come back on zayn was not their just james zayn where are you James screamed zayn oh their you are help me up bro.  what was that hounted music come on listen we need to help each outher today the door opened and shut by itself . ok this is sdcary. im hear james dont worry . suddenely the door locked the boys where stuck inside ok know its time to freak james zayn screamed   the speaker on a micraphone come on welcome to the hounted school it repeated 3 times but who was that then he said only one of you will be alive   and one will be dead the boys screamed .  ok knowwe need to stick togeather  ok yes said james the lights complety went off  ahh now im scared the lgihts come on their was a note on the board good luck to both of you today zayn ran to see if the door was open and then a shadow crept behind james and took him nobody knows who he was or where he come from zayn help me zayn heard hima dn quickly ran to help but it was to late to help  james was not their end of part 2 

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