the haunted school

James is starting a new school but what happens when his idol and role modal goes to his school zayn magic but the school is haunted and the whole class are aliens what will the boys do will they survive


3. will James be ok

zayn screamed for James but no one answered the door slammed open and this guy that looked like James but with a more evil look come in who are you he ran Im James. what no your not James how dare you tell me that.  help someone anyone he cried.     no one answered  come on someone please anyone  he had tears in his eyes     who ever is doing this for what ever reason please stop. suddenly his phone rang he answered it hello is this zayn said a mysterious voice yes who is  talking never mind  meet me tonight at 9pm when its dark. . or ill push you in the water and i know you cant swim . he hang up the phone and just walked around the class hoping it was all a dream but it was not  it was reel.  suddenly the door slammed open and someone walked in looking for James are you yes where is he we have killed him no you have not where is he help zayn he slammed the door closed he is still alive but if you find him you will be dead by 9 pm was it you who called me yes . well just give me james right know no i will not he slammed the door open and found James trapped in a box he yelled for zayn but he couldn't open you 2 are not going to be friends after this oh yes we are he left zayn had to help James get out the  box he opened the box and laughed it was that easy now grab my hand we need to leave before he finds out he yelled come back hear right now no we will not  he phoned the police they arrived and the school and the person was never hears of again and James and zayn become best friends they did everything together zayn wake up zayn wake up zayn wake up its morning your late for school wow what a nightmare i had n end of the story hope everybody enjoyed it and it  was not  to scary for anyone

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