Dear Diary (1D, 5SOS)

JoJo Nichols has a fairly tough life. So unbelievably tough, in fact she can hardly keep up. So, JoJo decides to keep a diary, no matter how horrifyingly girly it may seem. Then the dreams start. JoJo notices a pattern in her dream, and something WEIRD happens. Her dreams start to come true.

What will JoJo do? Will she be selfish and try to change her dreams to please herself? Or will she leave it the way it is supposed be?

Let fate decide.


3. May 21st, 2015

Dear Diary,

I am sitting in class right now, and so very, very tired. I really need a nap. My last band concert at this school is tonight and Clark is coming up to see it. Then he will be staying the night tonight, Friday night, Saturday night, and maybe Sunday night. It's also my last weekend here, so I have to hang out with all of my friends, before I go. Next weekend, I get to move away from this awful hell hole some people call a home town. I hate this. This school is a pile of shit. Valarie has been pissing me off. Bailey has been pissing me off. Ashley has been pissing me off. EVERYONE has been pissing me off. The only people I want to hang out with this weekend, are Clark ( of course), Dena and Caleb.

I'm in a bad mood, so I  think I 'm going to listen to some music. Most likely some 5SOS. I like their new song 'Never Be'.


I also need a signature. Sooooooooooooooooo...



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