Dear Diary (1D, 5SOS)

JoJo Nichols has a fairly tough life. So unbelievably tough, in fact she can hardly keep up. So, JoJo decides to keep a diary, no matter how horrifyingly girly it may seem. Then the dreams start. JoJo notices a pattern in her dream, and something WEIRD happens. Her dreams start to come true.

What will JoJo do? Will she be selfish and try to change her dreams to please herself? Or will she leave it the way it is supposed be?

Let fate decide.


1. January 26th, 2015

Dear Diary,

When I woke up this morning, I realized I had left my backpack at my moms house. Cursing under my breath, I rushed down my ladder, off my loft bed, and to the restroom. As I brushed my teeth, I simultaneously brushed through my ragged, tangled hair. My feet hit the ground with a pat pat pat, and it instantly reminded me of my friend would think of it as absolutely adorable. She thinks everything I do is adorable. I am very short for my age of nearly 17. Standing at 4' 11 1/4", I would consider myself the size equivalent to an 8 year old. It all just downright pisses me off.


"GET UP! GET UP! YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE!" My grandma screamed, as she ran down the hall. "I'm already up, it's okay." I said as I walked into the kitchen. "Good! Do you want breakfast? There's cereal, I can make eggs and hash browns, and you can take donuts. Choose your poison." She stood there smiling at me, hands on hips. "I think I'll be fine today, Nan. I don't really feel too well." I fibbed. Then I grabbed my things and ran out the door, to the end of the driveway. There I waited for my bus full of screaming, uncultured swine, in which most people like to call children. I believe that if murder was ever legal, I would throw a grenade onto that bus without so much as a single fuck to give. 

I also happen to believe that I am the luckiest girl alive, right now. Last night, this guy I was talking to asked me out, and I said yes, because he's an absolute sweetheart. I know he's a good person. He's smart, and sweet, and unique. He was home-schooled, so he graduated from high school at 15, and went to college, at 16. I really like him and I hope all goes well for us, but right now, I have to go. School is about to be in session. 

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