Another Cinderella Story

Hailee was just another normal girl.... Sorta. She got bullied because she wasn't popular or pretty.
It all changed that night of the masquerade prom for the community. Where she had her love triangle. Who will she pick? Nash Grier or Taylor Caniff?

Some how, she will see the light at the end of the tunnel..... Will this just be Another Cinderella Story or something else?


1. chapter 1- Hey

Chapter 1

Hey, my name is Hailee. I'm 16 and I absolutely love to dance. I can sing but on tape I sound terrible! Well let me tell you what I look like..... I am 5' 7'' and I have greenish blue eyes. I have medium length dark brown hair. I like bands like Green Day, Blink 182, Nirvana and bands like that. But I love 5SOS, 1D, everybody in Magcon, and absolutely..... Nash and Hayes Grier!

I also like Selena Gomez. She is beautiful! I like Ariana Grande, and Meghan Trainer too. My sister likes all rap songs. I can't stand any rap songs that aren't Nikki Manaj or Iggy Azalea. Even Meghan Trainer. But read on to learn about that one night that changed my whole life.......

(Hey guys!!! It's Hailee! I just want to tell you that I want you to keep reading plz!! Thx!!)

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