Another Cinderella Story

Hailee was just another normal girl.... Sorta. She got bullied because she wasn't popular or pretty.
It all changed that night of the masquerade prom for the community. Where she had her love triangle. Who will she pick? Nash Grier or Taylor Caniff?

Some how, she will see the light at the end of the tunnel..... Will this just be Another Cinderella Story or something else?


33. 32/33

"Hey! Wanna go get Starbucks?" I asked Winter, Jewl, Cat and Kelly. "Yasss!!!"

We went down star and all of the girls agreed. They got in a separate car.

We got into my car. I put the aux cord in. I started playing Pity Party by Melanie

We finally got to Starbucks and everyone ordered a large Mocha cappuccino. Except for Kelly. She got a Carmel latte. We sat down and just started talking about random stuff.

"Shit." I said. "What?" Winter asked. "I told Nash I'd be back after you told me the story." "I'll go back with you." She said.

"Thanks." I said and we told everyone good bye and got in my car.

I shuffled my spotify that had most of 5SOS, Jack and Jack, 1D, Demi Lavato, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Owl City and Nicki Manaj.

We got to Nash's house. He gave me a key once I left. I saw another car in the drive way. Must have been his mom. But he said she wouldn't be back until 3:00. It was only 12:45. I walked in with Winter behind me.

I didn't see anyone downstairs. We walked upstairs to Nash's room. The door was closed. When I walked in I saw Nash shirt less on top of a girl with her shirt and pants unbuttoned making out. She had red hair that was fake. And brown eyes. She also had freckles.

I covered my mouth with my hand. Tears almost escaping my eyes. I tried holding them back but it failed. Nash looked up and I shook my head and ran out. Winter followed. "Hailee!! I can explain." He said running after me.

I turned around now angry. "What?! You can explain what? That you almost had sex with that red headed twat?!" I yelled at him. Winter walked upstairs. "I-I-" he stuttered. "Don't bother. We're over!" I said and called Winter and left.

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