Another Cinderella Story

Hailee was just another normal girl.... Sorta. She got bullied because she wasn't popular or pretty.
It all changed that night of the masquerade prom for the community. Where she had her love triangle. Who will she pick? Nash Grier or Taylor Caniff?

Some how, she will see the light at the end of the tunnel..... Will this just be Another Cinderella Story or something else?


29. 29

"Please. Say something." He said with worry in his eyes. "I-I don't know what you want me to say." I said looking him in the eyes. "Say you love me too." He said. "But how can I say something if I don't know if it's true? We've only known each other for about a month and a half, Nash." I sat up.

"I'm not trying to hurt you Nash. But I don't know if I do yet. It's just difficult to know. Especially with Taylor trying to date me." He sighed and sat up too. "I-I'm sorry." He whispered. "No. I should be saying I'm sorry. I'm being a complete bitch right now." I said.

He looked at me with his bright blue eyes. "Don't do that. Don't try to get me to fall for you by looking at me with your eyes. I-" he cut me off by slamming his lips into mine. It was the most passionate kiss.

He had his hand behind my head. The other hand was on my waist. I had my hands on his jaw. Almost cupping his face. He pushed me down on the bed. He was hovering on top of me. We stopped for a moment to look at each other. He scanned my body up and down. We started kissing again. His hand went up my shirt the my side. We stopped kissing. "Nash. I'm not ready." I said. He nodded his head sadly.

"I know. I-I'm so stupid." He said. I shook my head. "No. I am." He looked at me. "Are you still a virgin?" He asked. I nodded. I was going to ask something but I was afraid I would hear the answer I didn't want to. "I'm going to go to Kelly's. Where did my dress go?" I asked. "You can wear that. I don't mind." He said. I nodded. "Thanks." I said and got my shoes on.

I turned around to Nash. He was facing the other way. I walked in from of him and kissed his cheek. "I'll see you later. You have every right to hate me right now." I said and walked around. "Would you maybe want to go on a date sometime?" He asked. "Of course. But I have to go right now." I smiled and pecked his lips.

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