Another Cinderella Story

Hailee was just another normal girl.... Sorta. She got bullied because she wasn't popular or pretty.
It all changed that night of the masquerade prom for the community. Where she had her love triangle. Who will she pick? Nash Grier or Taylor Caniff?

Some how, she will see the light at the end of the tunnel..... Will this just be Another Cinderella Story or something else?


11. 10/11-Don't

(This is just chapter 10 and 11 mixed. So it will be longer. Btw, I will have a song for each chapter. This one: Pills and Potions by Nicki Manaj and Better Together by 5th Harmony)

I pushed past Glinsky and I nearly knocked Nash out from behind but something pulled me away. I looked back. It was the rest of the boys.

"Sorry Taylor but you can't do this." Cater said. "And why can't I?" I wanted to. "Because, you are going to be fighting over a girl. Which we promised each other we would never do again."

I sighed. "I know. I'm so stupid." I hit my head and paced slowly.

Hailee's POV

Nash was really funny. I never really expected him to be THIS nice. Sure I'm a fan. But, he is amazing.

*skip rest of the mall*

When we got in the car to go to the movie theater(we decided not to go to the mall's) I put in my ear plugs and started listening to 'Hey Mama' by David Guetta ft. Nicki Manaj.

Then the song 'mm yeah' by Austin Mahone ft. Pitbull. I felt one of my ear plugs go out. Nash had taken one. We started singing the song. "When I saw her, walking down the street, she looked so fine, I just had to speak. I asked her name, but she turned away, as she walked, all that I could say was, mm yeah yeah, mm mm yeah yeah."

I sang into Johnson's ear. Nash just laughed.

Then the song 'What Makes You Beautiful' by 1D. I sang so load. Nash started singing with me. He was cool.

We were half way to the movie theater and Johnson's ear was probably bleeding from me singing so loud into it.

Once we were almost there, 'Groove' by Jack and Jack came on so I put my speaker in and me, Nash, Johnson, Glinsky, and Shawn started singing with it. Man these boys are amazing.

Once we got there, I was starting to be really nervous about watching a movie so scary.

We had tons of snacks so we were ready. I sat beside Nash on my left and Taylor on my right. A scary part came on and I squealed and hid my face in Nash's side. I think I was just seeing things but it looked like Taylor looked jealous.

Taylor's POV

She was seriously hiding in Nash's side?! I was the one who saved her from a phyco guy.

I tapped her shoulder. She jumped and looked at me. Nash noticed she jumped. "You ok babe?" Babe? That was my thing. "Yeah. Just a sec."

As if on cue she walked out of the room with me behind her. We went into a corner. "Ye-" I cut her off by smashing my lips into hers. We moved together perfectly. We were kissing for a good 2 minutes.

We separated and we were breathing heavy. "What was that for?" She didn't have a clue I liked her.

"Sorry. Couldn't resist. You're too beautiful." I said fading off at the end with me kissing her again. I pushed her against the wall.

"Taylor." She moaned out between kisses. We pulled apart. Man. I was really falling hard for this girl. "We should go back in." She said, winked at me and walked back in.

Shit. I needed to go somewhere else.

Hailee's POV

Taylor never came back after our little um- make out session.

Nash's POV(before kissing)

I walked out to try and find Hailee. I stopped dead in my tracks. They were kissing. "Taylor." She moaned while kissing.

I felt rage. I went to a gym. I went to the punching bag. I punched it and my hand went right through it. Shit. I'm going to have to pay for that. I left check on the front counter where the guy was. I was so pissed.

I went back to Taylor's house because I knew he would be in there after kissing Hailee. I knocked on his door with rage. He opened and I-

(Hey cuties! Cliffhanger? Sorry if these two chapters together are too short! Leave in the comments what will Nash do to Taylor?!


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