Cali Blasen and The son of Hades

Cali Blasen is a demigod.A true daughter of Athena.What will happen when she meets a son of Hades?Love or despair?


1. The Cabin

As I was sitting in the cabin with my fellow brother and sisters I heard a noise.I alertly sprung to my feet and grabbed my celestial bronze sword.I crept around back when suddenly I heard a snap and I see my sister Annabeth kissing her boyfriend Percy."Oh my gods Annabeth you scared me half to death.Next time try and pick somewhere away from the cabin so I won't try and slice you with my sword." I cursed at her."Sorry.Hey did you hear that there is a new kid at camp?" Said Annabeth. "No.What is his God?" I asked solemnly."Well by what I've heard he is a son of Hades" said Percy inviting him self into the conversation."Wow.Another kid of the big three.They must've been busy!" I said jokefuly."Yah no kidding right.First Thalia,then Percy,now whoever this kid is." Murmured Annabeth."Well I guess we'll meet him tonight at the campfire then." Suggested Percy."Yah well let's hope he ain't a jerk like his father." I Yelped.

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