Key Of Darkness



1. Chapter One



“Bye Karen.” said the lady at the counter of the art school. I yelled back bye and walked out. Walking back to my apartment in New York I shared with her mother.

I was tall with brown golden hair and greenish and golden mutant eyes, I was sixteen almost seventeen. I didn’t really have an interesting life.

    I loved parties and tonight my best friend Kaden and I were going to a party. I walked up the stairs of her apartment pulling my keys out, the door fell open and walked in there was my mother sitting on the sofa reading, but not sure what.

“Hey I’m going to go get ready to go to the party with Kaden.” My mother turned around.

“Ok don’t stay out too long.” I walked to my room to get ready.


    I wear a maroon dress that strapped around my neck, and I wore black high heels that are cut out at the tip to show my red toe polish. My hair fell over my shoulders, and I decided to curl on the bottom a little bit. I walked out to find Kaden walking up the stairs, wearing long pants, usually blue, and a white shirt, sometimes red, and high tops. We walked down in silence. We climbed in the car and drove to the party.


    I was dancing with Kaden, and, looking around, my eyes landed on a door. Questions filled my mind as I stopped dancing without knowing, and walked toward it. I grabbed the knob and the door flew open, and I walked inside.


There was no light switch but I could see. There people dancing all around me. Not your normal type of people, and I noticed something was off about them. The music goes in my ears filling me with this feeling to dance but it goes out the other ear. Relief fills me when someone grabs my arm. I whirl around one of the people dancing looked at her and his eyes burning into mine.

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