"Why, Why me?"

"Why, why me?"
I was only 13 when my world suddenly hit rock bottom. Will she meet 8 people who can bring her up or will she lose them too.


2. "What is going to happen?"

Chapter 2- "What is going to happen?"

As Addy and I went to the hospital to get scans and get tests on how we are after the crash. After hours at the hospital we finally went home with a nurse, as I'm thirteen I don't have any legal authority to look after Addy by myself, it was 6pm when the nurse drove us to McDonalds for dinner. when we got home I gave Addy her bottle and got her ready for bed. After watching Rio 2 Addy had fallen asleep on my lap, I carried her to bed and tucked her in. As I walked back to the living room, I sat next to larah our nurse and asked her "what is going to happen to us?"

"Well as you have no family left" she replied " tomorrow we are packing the house and you will be going to an orphanage, then if someone adopts you, you will be theirs".

"Wow, but who would want us a thirteen year old and a 2 month old"

"Who ever decided to adopt you, I guess. Okay you should probably get some rest cause we are going to have to pack all of this up tomorrow".

"Okay, night larah"

"Good night, Sophia"

As I walk to my bedroom I started crying and fell asleep crying.

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