"Why, Why me?"

"Why, why me?"
I was only 13 when my world suddenly hit rock bottom. Will she meet 8 people who can bring her up or will she lose them too.


1. The Accident.

Chapter One- The Accident

I had just turned 13 three months ago and my family consisting of my mum, her boyfriend, my 8 year old sister Harmony , my 2 month old sister Addison or Addy, and I decided to see my mums long time friends. As we got in the car and set off I was behind the passenger seat in the back of the car listening to '18' by 5 Seconds Of Summer when I heard a loud car horn and looked out my window when CRASH!

I should introduce myself, my name is Sophia Kaylee Illda but my friends call me Ski. I just turned thirteen. my favourite boy bands are The Vamps and 5SOS.

I had awoken with a major head ache and my torso hurting to the point I cant breathe. I tried to open my door but it was jammed shut and my window smashed, the front of the car was smashed up and mum and her boyfriend seemed to look like they weren't breathing.  I dialled 911 and within 10 minutes they were pulling us out of the car when I got out they handed me Addy and I waited for Harmony to get out but she had died from the impact. I went the to ambulance with Addy in my arms. My mum and her boyfriend had died and my sister was dead and now I have nobody but Addy left, I need to stay strong for Addy you can do it

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