This book is like the next level of shit in the mean girls kind of world.
Story about 3 super popular girls in a all fashion school.WELL they are not gonna be popular for much long when a girl turns their life upside down and ultimately be the new QUEEN BEE of the school.
This story is all fashion ,all revenge and swag beyond compare.

Read and comment and sure do like and comment.


4. Louis Vuitton Girls


Ally P.O.V

‘’Okay Jace define Carrie Hennessey.’’

At this comment Jace gave a snort but continued anyway.

‘’Definning Carrie Hennessey aka the most popular girl in the school aka the head girl aka the bad ass of the school aka-‘’

‘’Enough with the ’aka’ part continue ahead.’’ I cuted him off.

‘’Okay, Okay. Yeah as I said she is the most popular girl of the school and her Dad is the trustee of the school so you know hence she is the head girl and the richest girl of the school. Everybody obeys her and no one dare defies her cause you know the consequences can be bad when you mess with her.’’

 He said looking directly into my eyes as if he was giving me a warning to stay clear of her but man I don’t care cause a new badass is in her competition now.

‘’Now tell me about her sidekicks.’’ I said

‘’Her sidekick no 1 is Sadie Cassidy she is also her distinct relative and well I have got nothing more about her. Now her second sidekick is Dakota clark she is hot.’’ He said and I gave him a look.

‘’Whatever but why is she so popular where does her dad works in?’’

‘’ Her dad works in? her dad owns the whole company and sadie’s and Dakota’s parents also works there.’’

‘’Which company are we talking about?’’ I said

‘’We are talking about the LOUIS VUITTON. They are called the Louis Vuitton girls.’’ He said

OH Damn I got my self in serious shit this is gonna be tough.



Author's note

Sorry this was a small chapter but This story is gonna get better and better.

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