This book is like the next level of shit in the mean girls kind of world.
Story about 3 super popular girls in a all fashion school.WELL they are not gonna be popular for much long when a girl turns their life upside down and ultimately be the new QUEEN BEE of the school.
This story is all fashion ,all revenge and swag beyond compare.

Read and comment and sure do like and comment.




What? Was she really calling me to her house. Man that girl just humiliated the most popular girl in the school in front of the whole goddamn school. Man I can go any where with with Ally and she is also kind of cute you know or should I say it was love in the first sight I KNOW IT'S KIND OF CHESSEY but man I love her.I don't know how she feels about me but she'll get around. I was interrupted in my chain of thought by Ally when she said-

''What? are you gonna stand here all day with your mouth open and staring at me like a dumb bimbo. Come on I don't have all day.''

It was only then I realized I was staring at here and I thought man get a grip on your self girls don't like dumb-ass they like boys with style and attitude. I tried to be all broad-chested and looking like I really didn't care if she called me or not but than as if reading my mind she said-

''I don't like boys with all attitude and muscles and stuff you know that's why I called you home cause your are different and not like other boys trying to make a hit on me just because I am cool and just humiliated the most popular girl in the school.''

That got my moral down and well better luck next time I said to my self.

We went out of the school campus into the parking lot and-

''What the -? you have your own Porsche? you got to be kidding me?''

'' Well you haven't seen the best, boy.''

I was confused what can be better than owning a Porsche car of your own. My answer was finally answered when she pulled in to a huge fucking house. I got out of the car dumb folded and looked at her and said-

''Who are you?''

'' Just some ordinary girl and by the way you are not here for a picnic I need your help for something big.Okay.''

Help! Damn girl I'LL do anything for you.



Well I got him in the house I'll will now get all the information from him about the so called Queen bee of the Scripps high school CARRIE HENNESSY AND HER TWO SIDEKICKS. I went down to tell my mom to make some snacks for me and jace. When my mom came from behind me and asked-

''Why have you brought that boy here?''

''Mom he is a friend from school I needed his help for something.''

''See, honey I don't have any problem with anything just don't get in trouble while you are in this school you have already changed 6 schools in 3 years.'' 

I said nothing to her but that ruined my perfect moment. I just told her to get some snacks to my room and skipped into my room without another word.

I went to my room and saw jace staring at my posters in my room well I was proud of my collection took me several years to collect them all.I was interrupted when jace said-

''You know I didn't expect all this.''

''Well, What did you expected from me?'' I asked

''I was expecting more of shoes and dresses and nail art and all you know the stuff girls do.''

''Well, sorry to ruin your expectations but I don't like doing stuff that girls do I am a little tom boyish that way, So, I think you got to put up with all these things and me.''

He nodded like he was ready for it. I got him seated and then started to ask him questions  for what I brought him here because no matter what my mother said I was gonna bring these girls to their downfall and have them kissing my toes.



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