This book is like the next level of shit in the mean girls kind of world.
Story about 3 super popular girls in a all fashion school.WELL they are not gonna be popular for much long when a girl turns their life upside down and ultimately be the new QUEEN BEE of the school.
This story is all fashion ,all revenge and swag beyond compare.

Read and comment and sure do like and comment.





Okay today it's gonna totally suck. It's gonna be my first day of high school and, trust me, high school is really not as good as they show in High School Musical. Well my dad got me shifted to this new school because I was really getting in trouble in my previous school. This school is like an all fashion school where children whose parents are the owner of some fashion line or brand do everything except for studying. So, most of the children here are like total assholes.

And I pretty much hate assholes.

I rode my Porsche into a huge campus called the Scripps  High School.I parked my car and went into the reception where I saw a lady in her mid-fifties behind the desk typing on her computer. She had not sensed my presence. I cleared my throat to make her see I was there. She looked up and said-

''Yes, Can I help you?''

''I am kinda new here I wanted to have my timetable for the school,'' I said, in a, you know, kind of a rude way.

''Okay. What's your name honey?'' She said, trying really hard to be polite.

''Ally Kering,'' I said. 

Then she searched for my timetable and dropped a lot of papers instead, then finally handed me a paper. I sighed and took the paper from her and walked away. To my new year of misery. HELLO LIFE.


I walked towards my locker, trying to find it everywhere. After my first half of the day, I went towards the canteen, took a trying and got some food on my tray which was the worst food ever. I tried to find a empty table but could not find any except a table near the dustbin. Well it was better than nothing. Just then a boy came and sat on my table.

He said,"You know it's my table.''

I looked up from my phone and saw a thin boy. He had fuzzy hair but, oh well, he was kind of hot but really not my type.

''I am sorry didn't saw any name written on it,'' I said in a rude way hoping to shoo him off.

''It's okay you can sit here. Well, hi I am Jace.'' he said sitting down and stuffing his mouth with food. I looked in disgust and said, "Seriously you are eating this shit. You got to be kidding me.'' I said really in awe.

''What, it's good and very nutritious for health,'' he said looking really happy with himself.

I gave a big sigh of frustration and walked away from there to my next class. I thought a day couldn't get any worse and for the record I was very wrong. What happened now was nothing compared to what was to happen next. 

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