This book is like the next level of shit in the mean girls kind of world.
Story about 3 super popular girls in a all fashion school.WELL they are not gonna be popular for much long when a girl turns their life upside down and ultimately be the new QUEEN BEE of the school.
This story is all fashion ,all revenge and swag beyond compare.

Read and comment and sure do like and comment.


2. Bull's eye

I tried to walk away from jace but he was following me everywhere. He was really eating my brain out. I finally stopped and looked at him and almost shouted.

''What the hell do you want?Man could you leave me alone?''

"I want to be your friend and about the second question. No, I am not.'' he said very bluntly.

I turned away from him and bumped into someone. OH GREAT! If I already didn't have a bad day enough. 

I bumped into a girl and she started to scream and shriek at top of her lungs just because I spilled some coke on her. Coke isn't bad is it?.

''What the hell did you do? you asshole.'' she said screaming at me.

''Whoa! dude it's just coke and coke isn't gonna kill you. Girl. relax.'' I said trying to be as good as I can.

''DO YOU KNOW IT'S A LOUIS VUITTON DRESS AND IT'S WORTH SOME SERIOUS MONEY AND NOT LIKE THE RAGS YOU ARE WEARING.'' She screamed at me and looked at me with her god damn eyes which were gonna drop out of her sockets.

This comment really pissed me off and I was having  hard time keeping my face straight. By this time whole lot of people were collected in the hall.

''You know my dress-'' I started to say when that bitch cut me off.

''Do you know who I am.''

I thought for a second and said.''I don't know maybe the school janitor.''

That got some laugh from the crowd and even the two girls standing beside her cleaning her dress couldn't help their laugh.

''SHUT UP! EVERYBODY'' She said. Man I was good at making people pissed at me. Everybody stopped at once, obeying her.Then she continued ''I am the head girl of this school.'' she said putting on her best fucked up attitude.

''Well I'll say every dog has it's day and today is yours, enjoy it honey.'' I said

''I am sorry.What did you say?''

''Apology accepted but you didn't need to say sorry,honey.'' I said being very very calm.

''Whoa! Somebody just made fun of Carrie Hennessy.'' somebody said from the crowd and a lot of ''oohs'' followed it.

''I said SHUT UP everybody or I am gonna have everybody expelled from this school.'' and then Carrie turned towards me and said.'' You know my word is the law here and nobody defies it and you are on your way to getting expelled.'' 


''Don't 'honey' me you bitch.'' she cut me off

''You know I thought you were all sexy and horny, so I was calling you honey and stuff but you said it yourself you are not sexy and horny . So-'' I turned towards the crowd and said '' Okay everybody you just heard Carrie she is not horny so now it's a law here . Remember it everybody.'' I said to everyone.

'' hey! I am sexy and horny.'' Carrie said looking at everybody.'' and they know it.''

''So, you mean to say you are also a slut right.'' I said  trying to be all innocent and stuff.

''You-'' Carrie started to say but the girl beside her said'' Carrie we should get out of here, Come on.'' and she led her away.

I shouted after her''Good luck for your dress,CARRIE.''

She showed me her angry stare and went away. I looked at the crowd and everyone was staring at me.

''What?'' I said confused and the hall bursted with  clapping and as I went away everyone where saying'Good job' and all.

Jace came up to me and pinched me and said'' Are you real? Was all that what I saw was real. Dude you are one rock chic.'' I smiled at him and said ''Let's go''


''To my house.'' I smiled at him and walked away leaving him in the middle of the hall with his mouth open and staring behind me.Well, good to be back in my old self.

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