This book is like the next level of shit in the mean girls kind of world.
Story about 3 super popular girls in a all fashion school.WELL they are not gonna be popular for much long when a girl turns their life upside down and ultimately be the new QUEEN BEE of the school.
This story is all fashion ,all revenge and swag beyond compare.

Read and comment and sure do like and comment.


5. Bitch

Ally's PoV 


So what if they are most popular girl of the school. I can always show them who is the damn boss because if they are Louis Vuitton I am something better always have been and nothing stops me from getting to the top.

The next day I started early. I called jade and told him that I will pick him up and he was to eager to get his ass in my car.

We entered the school together and most people were staring at us mainly me because what I had done yesterday and well it kinda felt nice to be recognised. We didn't see Carrie and her side-kick bitches. Unfortunately how could they stay away from us. When we were going for our history classes together. Me and jace went to pick- up our books from locker. When suddenly as soon as the jace opened his locker.


A coloured ballon hit jace right on the face turning him shades of purple and blue. No wonder it was that bitch's idea. I didn't open my locker I knew they would have done the same with my locker. 

"Who the hell did this?" Jace said with such anger it startled me and well  most of the people too.

Every one stood at the dead silence and then we heard the clip-clop of high heels on the school floor.People parted way for Carrie and Sadie and Dakota.

Carrie came up to jace and said " Could you keep your voice down we are in school premises."

I could see jace trying hard to keep his face straight. Carrie had her back towards me. When a evil smile spread across my face and light bulb shining at my head.

I opened my locker and quickly stepped aside. When a too good sound made it visible.


As the coloured ballon meant for me hit Carrie flat on the back of her forehead and most of her back. That made her fight for her balance but she slipped anyway because of the paint on the floor landing straight on the face.

Laughter soon overcame the silence as Carrie started shouting. " My dress. Ahhhhhhhh!" 

I patted her on the shoulder she turned around and I said ''Could you keep your voice down. We are in school premises.''

'' AHHH. I am gonna tell the principal about it. You bitch.''

'' Tell him what? That somebody was playing pranks on me and instead of hiting me it hit you. That's what you gonna tell him. Huh. Go on if that's the case I am right behind you.'' I said and bent down so only she can hear me

'' Nobody messes with me and my friends. You understand that. You mess with the bull you get the horns and I am about to become the biggest bull that you ever saw. You understand that BITCH.







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