Allure «nh»

the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.

1. Caught

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I lived in a very problematic family environment. I am eighteen years old. My father used to drink a lot, and he only worked sporadically. He still faces alcohol problems. He used to be violent when he was drunk and would physically abuse me, my mother, and my brother and sisters. Meanwhile, my mother worked as a cashier at a very small store where usually poor people came and stole food which was very nessasary, but all her salary was appropriated by my father in order to drink and gamble.

After some time my mother decided to leave my father, and she went to Italy illegally. We stayed with our aunt and grandmother. They raised us. Meanwhile my mother was assassinated and my grandmother died. I was back at my dad's place with some money which I kept hidden incase I really needed them. After my mothers death my father drank less and treated me well.

As usual, my father was tricked by a trafficker, through his false promises of a better future for me—food, education, and income. I was sent with the man for just $45. Due to the poor condition of my family and a huge debt after my brother’s marriage, I decided to go with the man to rescue my family from debt.

It was a very fearful experience for me when I entered the loom, which was very dark. I was not able to see things clearly. I was amazed to see children working in such a miserable condition, but now I was also part of it. I was forced to work in miserable conditions at the loom with no proper food to eat. I was provided with poor quality as well as poor quantity of food. Sometimes there was no salt and sometimes a full packet of salt. The food was watery with no nutritious value and of such a bad quality that even animals would also not wish to eat it.

Each month a famous slave owner would come and buy either one or two of us. And after two whole months of living in this hell, I was chosen and bought. And was owned by Niall Horan. But nothing came out as I dreamed, this was very different, too different.


Hey guys <3 So firstly I am a newbie here and I would really like someone to give me a bit of company cause I seriously need a lot of help HAHAJA. Well I am also on wattpad, just for a bit of information. My name is izzy and well I am 18 years old. So vote and read and fan.

Love you all loads <3


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