Alone. // Luke Hemmings AU

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"Please save me." I looked at him confused. "Why?" He stared back and after a couple minutes he replied with, "I don't like being alone."

1. 1.

"Maybe you can get a tutor." she spoke in a bored tone. Obviously she was bored, I wasn't doing anything to help the situation what so ever and with no help from me there was no doubt-maybe a little, that I was gonna get a tutor.

"And maybe I don't want a tutor," I rushed out. I really didn't want a tutor. "I don't need one! I don't want want some stuck up, prissy little girl coming into my house to teach me stuff I won't need in the near future."

She sighed. It was obvious she didn't like me talking to her the way I did. The way her posture was straight, her folded hands tightened causing them to turn pale. Mrs. Harrison didn't like me, and I didn't like her.

"Well, Penelope, your gonna get a tutor. I already have one ready to work with you, really nice boy." She smiles at me, oh how I wanted to rip that smile off and feed it to sharks.

I groaned and stood up from my seat, glaring at the petite woman in front of me. I probably shouldn't look at my principal that way but I was mad, she gave me something I didn't want even before I had a say in it.

"Goodbye Ms. Lockett, have a nice day," she exclaimed, being overly cheery after what just went on in that room.

I grabbed my book bag that I left in the office and slung it around my shoulder in annoyance. I proceeded to head to my next class, the one I needed my tutor in, history.

The minute I stepped foot into the classroom was the day my fellow students died, in my head at least. They all began to whisper to each other, most likely about how I got sent to the principals office.

"Oi, I can hear you all." I say to the loud students, causing them all to close their mouths and look up at the teacher. I smirked in victory.

"Psst, Penny," a voice calls from beside my seat in the middle. I look over to see my best friend, Calum Hood, looking quite stupid, trying to get my attention. I giggled and swatted his hand away as it was about to poke me in side.

"Yeah?" I asked in a hushed tone, not wanting to draw attention to myself. He looks at me for a moment before smirking himself.

"You got a tutor, didn't you?" He grins in victory as I groan and place my head on the desk in front of me.

"Yeah I did, but please don't say anything to anyone else," I plead, folding my hands in front of my chest in a begging type of way.

"Okay, I won't," but he's still grinning. stupid boy. "Do you know who it is that is tutoring you?"

"Nope." I state, popping the 'p'. I honestly have no idea who will be tutoring me, and I'm kind if scared.

"Well I do, his name's Luke Hemmings, total downer. Doesn't have any friends, hangs out in the library." He explains, and I can't help but feel excited. I've heard rumors about this guys, all bad. But never have I seen him before.

"Hey, stop being dick." I try and defend this Luke character, but it's hard when I don't know who he is.

"Whatever Penny, I got to go to practice," and with that the bell rang signaling the end of the day. I smile, happy that it's not only the end of the day, but it's friday. And Friday means Netflix in bed.

I rush out of the room, trying to pry my binder into my small book bag. As I was doing this, I ended up running into a wall.

No, wait, not a wall. A person.

"Oh, I'm so sorry I di-" I was cut off when I looked up. His piercing blue eyes had caught me, and there was no way I was getting out anytime soon.

"Hi," his deep, rough voice spoke in a whisper, careful, as if one little thing would break me.

I cleared my throat, and backed away from his toned chest. I stuck my hand out in front of me, awaiting his hand to shake my own shaking one.

"I'm Penny Lockett," I spoke up, trying to intimidate him. It obviously didn't work, considering he just chuckled and shoved his hand into my own.

"Luke Hemmings, your tutor for this year."

I didn't say anything. But I did make a noise. It was a cross between a gasp and a dying seal, whale, and panda.

"Your- but I'm- your not-" I stammered, trying to find my words. I fumbled around with the hem of my flannel, afraid to look up at the blue eyes that had me captivated.

"I'll um, I'll see you at your house tonight I, I uh, guess." he mumbled, obviously confused.

I nodded and walked away, heading towards my home.

I liked how shy he was around me. I don't know why, but it made me feel happy.


"You got a tutor?! That's great!" My mom practically yelled in joy at myself getting a tutor.

"I don't know mom, he's different." I muttered, not know in what else to say.

"Sometimes different is good." she tells me.

I sigh, and trudge up stairs where I get my history stuff ready for my tutor session with Luke.

After about an hour of getting ready and setting up some snacks, I hear a knock at the front door. I hear my mom laugh and footsteps making their way to my room. I rush over to bed and grab a book, flipping to a random page to make it seem as if I was really reading.

He comes through my door seconds later, in sweats and a nirvana tank. I gulp and look down at my book in my hands.

"Um, I brought some snacks, but it seems you covered that already.." he trails off, looking embarrassed.

"Yeah, um lets just get this over with please." I plead, almost sounding desperate.

After about an hour of talking about wars and old presidents, we were finally done with our first tutor session. I looked over at look who looked at his watch and started rushing around, picking up the things that were his.

"Why are you rushing?" I question, completely confused.

"I'm late," is all he says in return before he rushes out of my room and down the stairs where he tells my mom goodbye and practically runs out the front door.

"That was strange," I mumble to myself, trying to put together what just happened.

"Oh! Isn't he the sweetest?" My mom claps her hands together and smiles. Oh how I wish I could believe that.


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